Pvp after 6000 trophy

I’m wondering guys how you are enjoying pvp in last arena. Fights are so boring it’s all the time the same creatures, same combinations.
I try to enjoy to guess who is next creature but it’s too easy to find out.
First creature : 8/10 is indotaurus.
Then I only see : skoona, testa, para, scorpius and phorurex. That’s all. Sometimes a few rhino or spino left going and a few hadros.
Very nice to see only 8 of 33 uniques and 1 of 8 apexes only …

I’m one of the rare still battling with mortem (which is the worst idea as I lose 9/10 when I have it) and using also grypo (only working against testa)

Any suggestion ? I really think about letting me dropping 1000 trophy to see more variety maybe I will enjoy more…

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I really think you will be so disappointed if you think you will see more variety lower down. You simply won’t other than a few remaining Gemini, Tryko and the odd Maxi and Spyx and the rest will be exactly what you currently see but slightly lower levels and a few less boosts.

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i get parras and snakes etc but yes boring allt eh same i use theyogi but only lvl 26 so not a huge threat :stuck_out_tongue: but this could change a bit later so just grind away try to have some fun and wait to see what happens

Pvp, in shores at least, is all about grinding and luck. Will indot be stunned by the swapped in sr3? If not, who’s hitting through cloak? Did grypo successfully swap prevent the skoona? Did pho crit? Who’s is fastest? Etc.

Plus 20. Plus 20. Plus 20.

Minus 40. Minus 40.

It’s a bit boring.

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Hate the shores. Everyone uses the same 8-9 things, and because we’re all so familiar with those 8-9 things, everyone knows all the tricks. I can predict how pretty much every turn will go, down to exactly when scorp or phorurex will come in. It’s very rare anyone surprises me. I wish Ludia would make a bigger variety of creatures viable.

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