PVP against computer unfair

Just tried a PvP and couldn’t find one so fought the computer to get a game quicker and in what way is this a remotely fair fight

I’m okay with losing if I had a chance but what hope do I have against 4 lv17s against level 15-13s

I loath pvp!

The difficulty of the bots increases along with your win streak. I believe that the maximum difficulty of the bots is dictated by your current arena level, not your heroes strengths. Based on your screen shot it looks like you had a pretty long streak going.and were probably facing the max bot difficulty in your arena. I think that you would find that your next PvP versus bots is much easier. The difficulty resets when your win streak resets.

I love the hardness of this game and that is exactly what happens when you go on a streak, agreed. Pvp takes time to rank up as well because you are not going to rank up quickly above players with higher lvl toons and rank. It took me almost 1 and a half years to get into dragon league and so many times I missed out on ranking up on the last day or a big loss. It is hard. It is however about collecting chests and tokens for guild battles and slowly levelling your items and toons. Just enjoy it and accept this game is a hard slog and it actually gets more difficult the better you are. Love it

It looks like you have 15’s and 13’s with Less than a 10k iPower, if you look at the bots, they are 17’s with over 13k iPower. Your streak def had an effect making the bots Harder, but the reality is Leveling toons isn’t where the IPower comes from it’s the gear upgrades. So the bots coulda been your same level at 15 but still woulda had over 13k iPower from gear and still probably rekt you. Gear is the real grind to get stronger in PvP. My squad of 15’s that are around 12k iPower can routinely beat teams that are Much stronger IPower or I would stopped playing this game. It’s possible to beat Higher geared squads if you Can get a lil Lucky with Initiative order and are prepared to counter the other team’s Strategy. A lot of the PvP success is goes to the squad that is more situationally aware and can Properly asses which threats to deal with First. There’s def a few toons that if you leave them till last can 1v 3-4 the whole rest of another team.

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Pvp is just a joke! I have all my toons leveled up and can tell regardless of what I do if I’m going to win or not within 3 actions!

Initiative and the right gear setup that’s been upgraded Even David can beat Goliath.

PvP events at the start of a PvP season Reset are horrible, I usually don’t bother with the event and just PvP for trophies on those ones. Gets my current trophies back up to near labyrinth and then I’m one of the few at 3k+ trophies I get matched in Normal PvP queue with ppl doing the event that are nearer my IPower but the matchmaker has My 3k trophies being used to pair against them from their highest ever trophies and I get fair matches of only about 1000 iPower difference above or below me.

Part of the issue with PvP is this mentality that has an 1800+ iPower that never push Leagues. They go up as far as the 4K trophies league. Get reset to labyrinth league or Burnt borne. And then at a reset you have ppl all starting at labyrinth or lower and fighting ppl at 10,000-13,500 iPower getting super outmatched and ruining fresher players to game’s experience and yeah they end up quitting or, following suit of the Cringe super high IPower ppl that just coast…

This is more the same

Just accept the loss buddy and move on. I lose plenty but keep fighting.

Yep. So much of a PvP outcome is determined by hero matchup and initiative order. I beat a 31k opponent with my 20k team this morning. Even with Saarvin missing way more than he should’ve.

Leveling up gear and continuously building team strength is key in PvP given that most battles are against bots. I really struggled with maintaining a decent streak when I first hit Infrenal League. But bots max out in strength and now I can get a decent streak going regularly.

Everything Ludia does with this game is specifically designed to irritate and frustrate its players. They believe this will lead to you spending money to make it better (which it doesn’t). Telling Ludia their game is broken is the greatest compliment they can receive.