PvP Algorithm Broken

100% percent of my PVP matches are against higher opponents for the last 4 days. Typically its 90-95% sometimes 600-800 trophies above. I know it is possible to face lower opponents as I am always in that position. Often times the more I lose the higher my opponents get. Something is extremely broken with the PvP Matchmaking.

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Ive noticed this too. My win %age has dropped slightly as a result, rather frustrating.

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I get the whole time same dinos.
Since last update I get in nearly every pvp thor and teno.
My opponents what a surprise get cunning créatures.
By the way my only fierce in my team.
Seems they wanna force to play fierce which are most of the time useless …
I monitored that for 2 weeks and I have max 2 matches a day where I have a different team.
But as always it doesnt interest ludia.
Since I have now enough of ludias ignorance I will be the next who leaves that game.
Never saw such an ignorance by a game programmer.
Have fun.
Enough is enough.

Tonight, either I get a real weak player or someone with their Apex raid Thor that is boosted to high heaven.