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PvP and TOM

As any of the regulars can tell you I am generally a pretty big defender of this game and give the benefit of the doubt to the devs. That being said, I will no longer be playing the pvp part of this game, outside of getting chests, if there is any kind of TOM event going on. I think the intentions were good with the new way these two work together, but I am tired of the sheer number on pvp trophy mismatches I am getting. I know that even in normal PvP these will happen on occasion, but I am frustrated with the sheer number of times I am risking 50 trophies to try and win 10. I usually win these mismatches, but with randomness of the dice, I lose often enough to make it not worth it anymore

You hold trophies in too high a value. Who cares if you lose 50 trophies here or there.

The way the matchmaking algorithm is designed, over the course of a season, you’ll naturally find yourself gravitating around the middle of your League.

Learn to manage tilt. Treat each match up as a puzzle and don’t worry about trophy count.

I feel you, my rank tanked 40 placed. Literally lost a total of 80 trophies from fighting the same low-rated player twice in a row and just won over him 2 times.

Also the first time I lost the game hang-up’ed on me and when I got back 3 of my 16 characters are already dead and his 14 level characters are still alive. Second time he won he MC’d my priest and buffed Auto-Revive on his lock.

I could care less about the trophies. They are just a measure of where your are. I don’t like the mismatches. If I am risking 50 to win 10 that means I am probably playing someone that is too weak. The point of having a trophy system like this is to try and match you up against someone around the same strength.