PvP - are we really Vsing other humans?

I’ve been growing more and more sceptical about pvp recently.

Im probably sitting on a 90% success rate by putting my 3 strongest dinos by themselves in a team with 2 super weak ones. The strong dino comes in last with 7 or 8 action points gained by the 2 prior weak ones and destroys the 3 much weaker opponents.

That’s my method and it works.

But it works only because almost every single opponent in pvp follows the same script. They use their 2 attacks on my first dinosaur (usually a triceratops level 1) and then do the same next time.

Once my indominus rex or pterodactylus comes out, they follow the exact same methods too. They use 3 attack and 1 block.

Why would you bother with the block if you’re a level 10 common herbivore vs a level 20 indominus rex? But every time the same format is repeaTed.

Surely humans cant be so simple as to fall for this trick every time? Surely they’d think… let’s get our own action up against the weak dinosaurs… but they follow the exact same script each time.

Makes me question whether pvp is really player vs player or if it’s actually player v computer a lot of the time.

Just gonna reiterate this with an example from just then. So I played someone and we got down to the final 2. He had a level 3 gallanimus and I had a level 20 yutyrannus. My ferocity was at 650 or so and his was at 8.

Rather than give up or just throw all your action points at attack, he stuck to a structure. Hed get 5 action points, use 3 on attack, 1 on defence and 1 on action.

I deliberately kept putting 4 defence points and 4 action points down just to toy with him.

This went on for over 10 minutes. And he kept doing the same thing. Kept putting 1 defence up… knowing I had 8 action points and a huge difference in class.

Whats with this? This happens almost every fight I decide to do this. I know if I’m in that position I give up and get ready for the next fight. I feel like we are just vsing computers / AI.

If you take a little look around in the forum you can find a couple of post were other guys justify why there is no interaction between real persons in this game. PvP is a fake and so are your opponents in a tournament.
It is frequently mentioned, for example one evidence is that the opponent often uses new hybrids with a incredibly high level very short after its release.
Look for posts from Sionsith or HanSoloWannaBe.


I sometimes wonder for example this is on Reddit at the mo.

is that a real person they’ve got as an opponent or AI?

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Yeah, absolutely. And the sheer idiocy of how they’d put their best dino up first and then use all their attack points on a weak dinosaur, knowing the opponent (me) has a far stronger one to come.

It’s a shame.

I’ve only been playing for 3 weeks (yeah I know, level 20 IRex after 3 weeks, good life) so am still a bit new to a lot of the stuff, but I did notice the lack of humanity in pvp fairly on and thought it would be interesting to see how far I could look at that.

Shame others have beaten me to it and more comprehensively haha

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I’ve noticed a lot lately that if my pvp opponent has 4 moves, and no matter what I do, they hit 3 and save 1. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve taken out whole decent teams with my first Dino because it’s the same thing every time.

Yeah exactly, regardless of what your opposition is, they use the same techniques. Pretty hard to lose now.

****i have been asking myself the same question( if we are really againt anorher player) and i am quite sure that WE ARE NOT; first as you mension i also win practically always and second how is possibile that at any time there is always someone else ready to play regardless the time or class of dinosaur ? Could be real only if there was an exxagerate number of player or pvp isn’t real …

Hello @Legolast and welcome.
It is obvious that there are no real opponents in PvP. You can find numerous posts and topics in this forum on this.

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