PvP arena imbalance - an experiment

Although there seem to be daily posts that decry the PvP arena as the least enjoyable and, in some cases, stress inducing part of the game, I wanted to run a little experiment to test a theory of mine about how imbalanced the arena is in terms of matchmaking and the impact of boosts.

Based on the information below, I would be interested to learn what my fellow players think my current trophy count is.

Team as follows:

Only the top 3 creatures have any boosts and none more than three tiers. As a VIP subscriber, I refuse to pay out more just to gain an advantage.

I have been playing the game since it came out and been in my Alliance for well over a year, so have a fairly good grasp on tactics.

So, what is my trophy count? Guesses welcome!

Aviary. 4800s


Library 5100 +/-

:thinking: bouncing between high aviary and low library?

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Somewhere between 4600 to 4800 based on how similar it is to my team in some aspects

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4900 - 5100 is my guess.

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I guess upper Aviary. 4800-4900

Unboosted at those levels, likely low 4k… 4200 or so.

~4900-5100 is my guess.

Maybe low library


Hey folks, thank you to all those who replied. Really interesting to see the sheer variety of responses there - somewhere between 4000 and 5100 seems to be the general consensus.

At the time of writing I was essentially right in the middle - 4595. The previous season, I had managed to reach the dizzying heights of 5011, the season before 5019. Got to the Library a couple of times and lost every match, which I accepted - my team obviously wasn’t ready.

What I don’t accept though is how I can lose over 400 trophies in quick succession. Perhaps some of that was poor tactical choice on my part in a match but, for the most part, this is down to a few elements:

  • Matchmaking - I always get drawn against players with at least 100 trophies more than me, NEVER less. Sometimes 400+ more.
  • Creature algorithm - sometimes it will pick a good combination of creatures and I might win more than 1 match in 5 (my current average). Sometimes, it will pick all my weakest creatures and throw me up against an insanely boosted enemy.
  • The dreaded ‘B’ word…

I can see why many players in my Alliance only ever play campaign battles or strike events - who wants to play a game where your victory has very little do do with your skill/tactics and expertise in knowing your creatures moves.

If the PvP battles/matchmaking had ANY consistency at all, then every one of you would have responded with the same ballpark figure, at least within a window of around 200 trophies. But, to see a difference in expectation of over 1000 trophies suggests to me that something is wrong here and highlights the massive imbalance in the arena battles.

I don’t know, maybe I’m reading too much into it. I’m just fed up of being on a losing streak I guess!

Thanks again to everyone who responded.


I was gonna say 4900-5100. I’m currently at 5100-5300 with a stronger team, but back when my team consisted mostly of level 20 legendaries, I was around 4700-4800. But I forgot that the opponents average team must have improved also, so if I went back to the same team I would probably struggle and be down to about 4500, I guess.

I would have been in the “lower Library-upper Aviary” group if I were to guess. Seeing you at that number definitely raises questions on matchmaking.

I can safely say that the creature algorithm coupled with trophies will always be the reason I can’t go higher. One day I’ll get my best creature constantly. The next day I’ll see an increase in my weakest team member’s appearance. Then, regardless of how better (I don’t typically face teams worse than mine these days) they are, I always seem to get -40 trophies for losing, +26 for winning.

Sorry but much of what you’re saying doesn’t make much sense.

1- if you ALWAYS face teams with higher trophies, something is wrong. Because THEY are, at least one time, facing a weaker team (yours). Maybe you’re comparing their HIGHEST trophies (Which is what you see on their profile) to your current. If your highest is 5000 but your current is 4500, you may face someone who also seems to be 5000 (highest) but is currently 4500.

2- it’s pretty impossible to win an average 1 out of 5. If it was true, you would be CONSTANTLY dropping in trophies. Until you start winning more than losing.

And 3- your claim that your progress has very little to do with your expertise and more to sheer team strenght is completely against your claim about having a range of 1000 trophies in expectations about your own team. If there’s a range of 1000, it means that, with that very same team, you could be low 4000s to low 5000s, and if it’s the same team, it means that range has to do with your expertise / ability to use your creatures wisely.

So, not much logic on those claims. Though I mean no offense.

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No offence taken, cedpo. This topic was designed to promote conversation on the subject of the arena and matchmaking.

In response to your points:

  1. Trophy count - if their profile shows only the highest count, then fair enough, perhaps their total is nearer mine. However, the point is still valid as their highest count is still ahead of mine, significantly higher in some cases.

  2. Winning average - I can absolutely guarantee that I am losing more than I am winning. I played 5 matches last night and won 2, which is rare for me. I am definitely losing more than I am winning at the moment and regularly dropping trophies. This is why I started this thread.

  3. Progress - sorry, I completely disagree with that. There is a massive imbalance, partially caused by boosts and partially caused by matchmaking issues, which has been highlighted by the massive range of differing expectations above. I don’t want to sound arrogant here, I know I am not a top level player by any stretch (I don’t have the time!), but I have been playing this game since the beginning so I am not a novice either. I know that the luck of the draw in terms of which creatures are selected for battle plays a part in the outcome of a battle, but if a massively boosted level 18 creature can take out a somewhat boosted level 25 creature, then something is not quite right. However, as the game is more pay to win now than ever, maybe this is what the future holds and skill becomes secondary.

Remember, logic is the beginning of wisdom… :wink:

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My suggestion is drop DC. It’s taking a spot for much more efficient creatures after its nerf. Just get rid of it and replace it with something more useful.

I tried that actually, ditching it after the last update and the (very slight) nerf. The fact that no-one else did led to me putting it back in the team, as I lacked another high level swap in. Once I have a few other unique creatures levelled up, which is really difficult at the moment as the game seems to only offer 10 DNA per fuse on a lot of ‘popular’ super hybrids, then I will gladly get rid of it.

if you got a thyla, even under leveled, she is pretty good. she won’t work too well on immune speedsters, but her high health, dodge +crit chance, and RT can help deal with maxi and gemini a good bit. bleed for dios and trykos and the occasional thor.

3700-4000 would be my guess