PvP Arenas constantly crashing!

This has been happening to both me and my friend. Both of our games are randomly stopping mid-battle. Sometimes, about 2 seconds after the counter reaches 0, it performs the move. At other times, we’re forced to restart.

This is mainly in the tournament arenas though.


same here, something is definitely wrong

I have timed out of 14 pvp battles in a row over the last hour. Previously, I was able to start one, but it crashed out halfway through. The 30s timer starts, resets, disappears, restarts, etc. Multiple restarts and resets with no progress. I would submit a report, but I am still waiting on a response to my support requests submitted yesterday and Wednesday, so I’m not interested in continuing to build that queue.

Edit: 21 pvp battles, 3 tournament battles.


Specifically, by time out I mean I waited 70-90s and then crashed it out because I couldn’t get into one and it was clearly stuck or that I got in and timed out.

What’s happening with all these bugs ?

I still have the same issue, whenever I want to battle the game crashes after the 30 seconds countdown, I already tried to reinstall the game but the bug still there. Also when are you guys going to add a function that prevents the game to lock the screen? damn even basic games have that feature.

Ya, definitely something wrong connecting matches, keep getting timeouts :rage::cry:

Awful, alliances can’t get DBIs done!!!

I can’t even start a match, the game freezes on the screen that says “Searching for opponent”. I can’t do my dbi and today I even have it as a daily task :pensive:

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Just a total shambles at this point

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But, we can spin drops today! :+1:

Well, at least for now. :roll_eyes:

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and here we go with another game breaking glitch, first we had the drops and now we can’t use the arena or tourney’s, this has to go down in the history books for worst roll outs. I mean I guess its not as bad as being locked out for a week

also been waiting a week now to receive a bundle I bought :rofl:

Me too, the timer constantly reset

Happened to me and a few people I know as well.

I go to arena. The timer starts then goes away. It never finds a match. Never allows me to do a.I. Battle either.

Trying to do a battle is a nightmare.
Times out time after time - reboot, clear cache, lucky to get one match in after a few more timeouts
Seriously this is beyond farcical now

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I am battling the same person over and over, but I am at least getting in now. I’ll just lose my way through the library, down to aviary and be fine. :smiley:

Either the battle button freezes, or constantly times out, even AI is disappearing for a strike at this moment when it is needed the most. :rofl:

I had to re-roll on one of the dailies because there are no common flocks that spawn in my zone right now and parks are way out of range. I got the turn in a DBI so I was trying to get all 10 takedowns but the arena just keeps timing out.