PvP Arenas constantly crashing!

also been waiting a week now to receive a bundle I bought :rofl:

Me too, the timer constantly reset

Happened to me and a few people I know as well.

I go to arena. The timer starts then goes away. It never finds a match. Never allows me to do a.I. Battle either.

Trying to do a battle is a nightmare.
Times out time after time - reboot, clear cache, lucky to get one match in after a few more timeouts
Seriously this is beyond farcical now

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I am battling the same person over and over, but I am at least getting in now. I’ll just lose my way through the library, down to aviary and be fine. :smiley:

Either the battle button freezes, or constantly times out, even AI is disappearing for a strike at this moment when it is needed the most. :rofl:

I had to re-roll on one of the dailies because there are no common flocks that spawn in my zone right now and parks are way out of range. I got the turn in a DBI so I was trying to get all 10 takedowns but the arena just keeps timing out.