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PvP Battle Dino of the Day Mission

Each day, players would be challenged with a mission to both use and take out a specific dino. Every day, it would be a different dino.

There would be 4 prizes awarded.

  1. Each time the daily dino is placed into battle the player receives 1 hard cash.
  2. For each dino the daily dino takes out, the player receives a random F. I. P. Toy.
  3. For each opponent daily dino that is taken out, the player receives 100 coins.
  4. For each opponent daily dino that is taken out by the daily dino, the player receives 1 random boost.

This is something that would add a different challenge to PvP and get players to level up and used different creatures each day.

Players don’t have to participate but will still receive 100 coins for taking out opponent teams daily Dino’s and players who are participating still get credit for taking non-participant dino’s out with their daily dinos. If the programmers can, they can make it so anyone with the daily dino on their teams always get it in the PvP line-up.


I like the idea and where you’re going but those rewards for doing it aren’t enough to get players to actually try. Something like adding a battle dino of the week. Something like… and obviously it’s a rough quick overlook…

Battle dinos of the week could be included in there weekly schedule.

(Let’s say its carbonemys epic as an example.)

Every match you enter with carbonemys on your strike teams whether its drawn or not you get 1 dna.

If you happen to kill a carbonemys out in battle you get 10 dna+1000 coins as a bounty reward.

If you happen to get a kill with carbonemys you get 25 dna+10hc

This would not only get players using the battle dino but also get players really in the arena again with a variety dino. Sort of like a little battle pursuit… The reward amounts could change up depending on rarity.

Idk random spin to your idea heh. I’m sure players would find a loophole or abuse it.