Pvp Battle Problems


I am in the middle of a fight and the game stops and I have to restart it, when I enter the game does not load and the fight continues without me being able to do anything and I lost points, I was in 3750 and now because of this in 3200 and I lost the prizes they give to enter the tournament with 3500. Please fix it or give me a solution!


Hey ReyInferno115, this could be caused by an unstable internet connection, and trying the troubleshooting steps here might help: Lost a battle I was winning
If the issue persists after trying those steps, contact our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key.


I read the steps and I will try to make them, I change a lot of connection between wifi and 4g, can that be why this problem happens?


also after I return to start the game this poster comes out


I tried but didnt work


You should play on either wifi or 4g only. Just one, don’t switch between both while playing. If I turn on wifi while the game is open, it always disconnects me. My wifi seems unreliable for this game even though it has no issues with anything else, so I just always use my phone data to play. I rarely have issues with battles once I stopped using wifi for JWA.


The Ludia excuse and sign of laziness is that it’s your fault.

Don’t experience this problem with any other game? It’s your fault.

Have a 100mbs download on WiFi or cell and experiencing server connection issues? It’s your fault.

Fact is it’s your fault even when it’s not because it’s obvious they don’t want to do anything about the problems.

Why do you think these problems amongst numerous others continue to exist?

Simply put they don’t want to fix them. They know the game will eventually die anyways so they want minimal investment.

Take the money and run.


Hey whitetigergrowl, our team is always trying to improve the game for our players. However, some of these issues are usually caused by connection errors to the game, but our team is still actively trying to make improvements. The troubleshooting steps that are given right now might not work all the time, but it could be helpful.


Still have the same problem and its getting worse


If possible, try playing on a different device?
Different WiFi connection, or turn WiFi off.



Strange… That 1 player in a thousand has connection issues yet somehow its the game.


I wish i can send you a video of what happens, its desperating xc


I’ve been dealing with the “OPPONENT NAME” glitch a lot today, moreso in Badlands than in Lockdown. It’s severely slowing down my incub collecting. Every time I am able to get back in, it tells me I was defeated by “OPPONENT NAME”. This now makes 8 times today it’s happened.

Starting to think that there’s a bug in Badlands that’s causing it.


You’re wrong others have complained.

So I’m sitting next to a WiFi connection with a 150mbps download speed and upload around 25mbps. Full bars. No connection problem with any other game except this one and it’s somehow my fault or on my end.

That’s rich.

That’s called blame shifting and not taking the blame for poor server connections.

Or what about when my cell download speeds are around 50mbps+ with full bars while not moving around. Again the only game with the connection problem is this one. And again the problem is still on my end? Yeah. Right.

When it’s the only game experiencing that issue I think that highly narrows it down that it’s not on my end.

So Ludia. Please grace us with the game download/upload speed requirements for the game to not experience those connection errors. I can’t wait to see this one.

Also Ludia, what kind of connection and servers do you use to run the game? At what point do connection problems exist with the server and for it to affect the players game?

Because one has to be insanely stupid or ignorant to believe it’s always on the players end. Especially if they don’t experience the same issue with other online games.

If 150mbps on WiFi isn’t fast enough to not experience connection errors then what is? I can’t wait to hear this.

Canned response of, “It’s still your fault.” coming in 3…2…1…