PvP battle suggestion


Top players will always be on top. They will win season after season. The rest will never made it on top. You should be separate tier. Do it by team levels . Prizes will not be same. Different level prizes. By doing this will encourage to battle. I know I will not made to top, at least near future. Make it more fun.

Only reason I battles is for The incubators that are awarded.


And how would it work ?

Doing by team levels : what does it even mean ? The highest of your team ? The average ? The median ?

Let’s say you find a way to create tier. You have players in different tournament but they can still battle each other (because battles are based on trophies). That would create the same problem that we had we cheater during the first tournament : playing players possibly stronger than you but not in the same tournament.

Let’s say you are fine with that or they rework completely their battle system (that would probably mean no other update until then). You have different tiers. But to make rewards work, higher tiers should have higher rewards. You have to ensure that the last player from the first tier earn more rewards than the best player from the second tier or everyone is going to derank just to trust first places of lower tiers. Then you have linear rewards from first rewarded player to last rewarded player.
And it’s exactly the same that we have now. A linear distribution of rewards.

There is no system that can be fair in consideration of that we have different teams and we spend different amount of time/money.
The last player of a tier will be crushed non stop by the other stronger in its tier. And he will have a really hard time to get his incubators.

If someone has a brilliant solution, I’ll take (the solution should reward players spending more time and money, reward long time players who don’t have too many time to play, be in line with Ludia’s business plan, be beginners friendly to encourage them and be automatically done in a fair way). Not easy :thinking:


The solution would be that all players are pitted against other teams based on highest team creature of the 8 you choose to put out.

This would be an example:

(1) To make grand prize, you simply just have to win say 7 battles in a row.

(2) You can choose to play in the tournament if you want. The tournament is not part of normal battling for incubators or trophy’s but draws from this pool of people. (In other words, people playing in the tournament can be playing people from the regular arenas and neither know if the person they are playing against is in the tournament or not.)

(3) Your pitted against another player whose highest team dino is the same as yours.
(If you want to play a team of level 20-23 dinos, you can. You will play another team whose highest dino is level 23. If you want to play a team of level 14-15 dinos, you will be pitted against a team whose highest level dino is 15. You can play anything you want that you think you can win 7 battles with.)

(4) As soon as you loose, your out of that tournament. (Maybe they can give a consolation prize for participating).

(5) The 5th win in a row gives you a third place prize upon the win. The 6th win gives you a second place prize upon winning, (and this after receiving the 3rd place prize). The 7th win give you a grand prize, (and this after receiving the 3rd and 2nd place prizes).

(6) Prizes will be based on your player level, same as the amount of cash and DNA that is given out in drops and incubators. The higher your player level the more the payout so people who have invested more into the game through playing hard or paying out to level everything up will get more.

By this, they can have a tournament every week or every day if they so chose. If you enter and don’t play then you get nothing or even a consolation prize for loosing at some point when the tournament is over.

They could add tournament win counts on your profile or people to see how many 1st, 2nd and third place wins you had.

This would bring some more fun to the game.