PvP Battles BROKEN Again

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Bug Description: Multiple major glitches in multiple PvP battles fought over the last 4 hours

Area is was found in: Sorna Marshes

How do you reproduce the bug:
Different but similar bugs have appeared in several battles. In no specific order:

  • choose my next move, have it disappear from the lineup of available moves & nothing happens;
  • choose my next move, have it show “0” and the system acts as if I have not chosen a move;
  • have “choose a creature” show up onscreen but the options never show to be chosen from;
  • choose my next move in a fight only to have the timer reach 0 and nothing happens for 2-3 minutes (at which point I turn my iPhone off & back on);
  • have nothing happen when the timer hits 0, turn my phone off & back on, my dino is missing from the screen and is greyed out (but NOT shown as killed) in my team lineup;
  • have nothing happen when the counter hits 0, then suddenly get “choose a creature” and my current dino is shown as dead;
  • win a fight, activate an incubator, click to go back to the main map screen and the app crashes;
  • have one of my dinos killed in a fight and the system jumps to “OPPONENT WINS!” when I we each have only 2 dead dinos; and/or
  • have one of my dinos killed in a fight and the system jumps to “OPPONENT WINS!” when I have not lost any other dinos.

How often does it happen: Randomly, but at least one of these bugs has shown up in every one of my last 11 (eleven) battles today.

What type of device are you using: iPhone 6S running iOS 12.1.4

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

  • I’ve not been able to get screenshots, but the only other time I’ve seen this many errors in PvP battles was the v1.7 release debacle…

some old bugs returning?

My wife is seeing this on her Android phone too.
Suddenly all her move choices disappear.
It normally happens when she is winning 2-0. (Murphy’s Law? …or a clue?)