PvP Battles Broken (Yes, Again)

So far today, my trophy count has dropped by more than 220 after fighting19(?) battles (I lost exact count). I’ve only managed to win 3 battles, which is really unusual for me given the total number of PvP battles I’ve engaged in – and the majority of losses have been caused by the buggy matching algorithm and/or buggy battle routines. Had I realized things were like this again I would’ve done screen shots or kept closer track of exact matchups, but here are the specific glitches I remember:

  • In one battle, I swapped in a Dracoceratops, my oppnent swapped in a different dino, and my swap-in move was never excuted.
  • In one battle I chose a move for my Suchomimus, the faster opponent hit first as expected (a standard, non-stunning move), and then the battle jumped to the next turn without my Suchomimus ever executing its move.
  • In multiple battles the indicator of which creature was faster either disappeared altogether or was a very dark grey/brown that made it almost invisible; I’ve been seeing this problem a LOT with the latest release of the app.
  • In one battle, my I-Rex was hit with a distraction move that it was supposed to be immune to, but its next hit was only 50% effective (the opponent did NOT have “dodge,” “cloak,” or any other such power active).
  • I have two dinos at level 21, two dinos at level 20, and everything else is levels 17-19 but in three battles today the lowest level opposing creature was level 21, many at level 23, and one each at 24 and 25. In one of those battles, the highest rated dino in my quad was 19.
  • I just lost another battle (L21 Allosaurus vs L21 Trykosaurus) because after choosing my move, the timer hit 0 and nothing happened, then the move menu popped up, I re-chose my move (with timer still at 0), the move disappeared from the menu, the move reappeared in the menu, I chose my move, and absolutely nothing happened with the timer sitting at 0. I waited a minute, force-quit the app, turned my phone off & on, and restarted the app to discover I’d lost the battle.

I’ve also been seeing an increase in other odd behaviors of the app not related to PvP battles, but the problems with PvP battles are beginning to approach the depths of the previous release.

Hey Briansl, I’m sorry to hear that you are having some issues with your battles. Our team would be happy to take a closer look at the problems you had with some of your dino’s abilities if you reach out to them here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and more details of the battle.