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PVP Battles not letting me swap creatures

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Bug Description:

Area is was found in: PVP Battles

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- It started today
Step 2 - Not sure what happened.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Almost all of the time now when I play a match.

What type of device are you using: iPhone 8 plus iOS 13.6.1

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

In playing the PVP Battles, 1) I noticed that today it’s not switching the creature I selected but showing the info instead of changing it and 2) when I press a battle button (one out of the three), sometimes it disappears, but the other buttons remain on the screen. Could it just be a bad Internet connection?

Hey CAPFlyingFun, if this continues to happen, please try restarting the internet connection on your device. If you’re on a WiFi network, it might help to forget the connection and then re-add it.

If the problem persists after trying those steps, please contact our support team here at

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Thanks, I’ll try that and see if it happens again. :ok_hand:

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