PvP battles unfair

When i reach 300 points i get opponents who have lvl 6-8 Dino’s in their teams, while i have only 1 lvl 6 in my whole collection.
I have lost every fight when i get to 300 points and above because of this serious handcap.
So please make these PvP battles fair ASAP.
Or I’m afraid this game wont last very long.

Happens all the time I have one level 10 most are 6-8 and I end up fighting level 12-16.

Had one fight and he beat me with one dino

Arenas are based on trophies not Dino levels. You’ll get matched with someone near your trophies amount. If said player didn’t jump into arena immediately and went about catching dinos and levelling them up they’ll get into arena and rise really really quickly. You can’t blame Devs for players who decide to power level dinos before fighting in arena. But eventually everyone should end up near where their real level is at.

Go outside and collect möte?

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Bro I’m in area 6(2500+ rating) and I noticed Everytime you get close to the next Arena they put you up against a close to impossible team to beat.

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Stil unfair. You should be put up against an opponent you can actualy beat, or it is an unfair battle.
If they dont change this, it is no fun to play the battles, and they will lose players.

I also think swapping out your dino should not count as cooldown time for moves. If you use pounce as a Velociraptor then switch then pounce should not be available to you when you swap it back in. You should have to use a different move first.


At 300 points you are still at the low end of arenas but by now should have better than ONE level six dinosaur. Go out amd catch more, that’s over half the game you’re ignoring!

As to cooldowns, no. Velociraptor is far from the only dinosaur to benefit from resetting cooldowns, and if anything raptor (speed) teams would benefit disproportionately more than others with that change.

Unfortunately this is life, once you start doing well you face stronger and stronger opponents. I faced a Trex and Trex 2 along with a Dimitri levels (13, 16, 9) this is when I’m level 6 in the 3rd arena. So look we get it but I beat that team by playing strategically and just be collecting DNA.
Just grind a bit of DNA at the weekly events and you’ll get it.

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I’m around 3000 trophies and the people I go against have level 22-25 Dino’s and it’s always the same teams. I’ve searched all other accounts and I haven’t seen a single one with matching Dino’s. So pretty sure they put in fake accounts to limit how many people go high up. It’s a real bummer

It’s not that they put in fake accounts to limit you, but rather there’s no one around your trophy level to fight (this game is still pretty new around the world mind you)

For all those high level godly dinos beta owners please give the rest of the world some time to catch up lol :joy: most of us started 2 weeks ago

Its like an end of level boss fight, and who doesnt love that!?! Haha :joy:

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But you do pay a penalty for a swap in the middle of battle; you lose the offensive move so your new dinosaur is effectivelystunned when it enters the battle. So having all moves reset isn’t a bad thing in my opinion.

The battles are ranked according to the arena score. so if someone with epic epic and similar dinosaurs in possession has the same arena score, he may come up against it. this is a tactic actually. The more you compete, the more easily you can compete against the opponent. (I use google translate) may be bad.

Yeah. The game sucks like that. I was in the middle of tier of an arena and have now lost 22 battles in a row and drop to the middle of the next lower tier. That says there is something wrong with their pairing system. I had one guy who every hit he did on me was a critical. I was not able to even kill one of his dinos. Game is definitely pay to play.

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So true… sometimes one person has3 strikes and you have none

I feel like some people use cheat codes then I tell myself naaaaa it’s not possible

Very true I was so close moving out of the lockout arena then they place you against payers that will drain you right down I even had to verse a bit took 49 trophies off me and versed two stegocerotops

I have yet to have a battle where I can attack first. Every time I get hit first then get hit again before I can even strike. 2 out of three times I get killed before I can even strike. Today was the worst. I lost a battle and never got to make a single strike. What is going on?