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PvP battles

I’m going to boycott the PvP portion of your game till u fix it, I’m sick and tired of losing every time, not to mention when u guys do updates my boosts go back to 1 and all of my stats for my team were level 4 tier. Not to mention now it costs 3 times as many boosts stats to level your stats up, that’s bs. I also today just playing some PvP I went from 3775 trophies to 3502 today. That I find is also bs. I didnt win one battle. Plz either fix this or reimburse me my stat boosts and or my trophies. Thank u

Did you lose to over boosted opponents? If yes, then be grateful ludia changed the boosts. If not, take a look at your team. If your team is high level and is good, then it’s all on the game’s cruddy matchmaker. If you take away boosts or the rat then the game is actually quite balanced

There are other threads for complaints about boosts reset. So lets focus on matchmaking. If you have team that go over its lvl limits do to boosts, you will fall in appropriate arena for your team in this system as boost will give you less advantage than before. Once you will be in right place for your team, you will start winning again and win/lose ratio will normalize.