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PvP bug or Working as intended?

I’ve noticed in PvP when the dominate ability is used the ‘dominated’ hero, when preforming it’s random attack, doesn’t respect things like stealth or taunt. Is this working as intended or a bug? I could see arguments both ways, both in game and in lore.


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Probably intentional. You’re probably supposed to know where your party’s located and be unaffected by taunt.

What bugs me so much more is “disarm” doesn’t affect “counterattack”.

I think you are right Dominate shouldn’t target stealthy characters. The Bard is forcing a dominated character to attack and the Bard doesn’t know where the stealthed characters are.

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I think the important word in OP is “random;” dominate causes the affected hero/monster to use it’s at-will attack on a random ally. Random effects always ignore stealth and taunt. The game script could possibly put the target under AI control which would force it to observe taunt and stealth targeting rules. Of course, the second the AI burns a cooldown on a party or, worse yet, allows a chain dominate, people would be screaming foul at that too.

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But if it’s random then why does a character with taunt always get hit by a dominated character.

Do they? I haven’t paid much attention, and I don’t do a lot of pvp. OP said dominated targets ignore stealth and taunt, so I was taking it at face value.

I sort of agree with the guy saying you know where your team is, but on the other hand your team still counterattacks if you hit them which seems to indicate the game considers a dominated character as part of the other team.

Yea my points…lore wise, makes sense you know where your team is hiding (tho not fully I’d think I’d just know that they went stealth but still can’t see them to know where they are currently), but that doesn’t account for taunt. Even lore wise, if a person on my team is tricked into attacking my own team, shouldn’t they be forced to attack a taunting character just like all the enemies?

And game play wise, yea hero’s will still counter attack despite being dis-armed (“oh hey you made me drop my weapon, I can’t use it unless you hit me first then I can but have to drop it again”). I think dominated hero’s should follow the same rules as well. Random or not if a taunting hero(s) is in range, then they are the only options to attack randomly. If there is another non-stealth valid target(s) then the stealthed targets should not even be on the list to randomly choose from.

I just hate spending turns protecting my hero’s with stealth and taunt abilities just to have them destroyed regardless because of domination.

I could see team hitting back, even though it’s frustrating, just because if it were real your teammates might regret hitting you knowing it wasn’t really your fault, but since they probably wouldn’t know how long it was going to last they would need to protect themselves even at your expense

You can take it even further. Why can’t I disarm a dominated character on my own team?

Btw… does Restore clear domination?

My guess would be that in theory you wouldn’t notice they were dominated until after they already attacked? Where I am at they are only dominated for one round so far, so my argument wouldn’t make sense however, if at higher levels it is more than one round

Maybe. In actual D&D, I’ve had to incapacitate a member of my own PC group before.