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PvP Cannot Properly Handle a Double Knockout

I ran into this two or three weeks ago and wanted to make a comment about it. Back in the day of fighting games, you could achieve a double knockout wherein each character knocked the other out at the same time, and as a result both players were awarded a win.

In this game there is an item which allows the wizard to damage the opposing team when she is defeated. I have had a match wherein the wizard is the last member of my team standing, and her death attack also took out the remaining members of the opposing team. This was not counted as a win for me, and I feel like it should have been. Why is this item included if the game will simply disregard its effects in the circumstance when you would most want it?

Similarly, I won a match today, and my opponent’s last move was to dominate one of my two remaining characters. Instead of playing out the dominated character’s turns the game simply gave me a win when the opposing character died. I have to think my opponent felt cheated since the Domination amounted to nothing simply due to the PvP structure.

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I agree with the first… if everyone is dead, no one (or everyone) wins.

As for the domination… two points…

Unless one is the wizard with that item, one character (dominated or normal) will remain standing. Since both belong to you, you win regardless.

Furthermore, in my mind, domination is broken. If it’s real domination, once the spell caster is dead, domination should disappear.

I had similar thoughts about domination. While working through Lightfinger Estate it seemed implausible that a domination spell could still be active after the caster is slain and I have progressed and almost completed two rounds in the next room.

Heh… yeah.

In fact, some things really don’t make sense. How can I progress to the next room if I can’t move? Being immobile and getting to the dragon is… irritating.

Why don’t I just ‘rest’ in the hallway until all my debuffs time out and all the cool downs expire? :wink: