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PvP Changes and Extra Epics

Starting yesterday I noticed that I was getting PvP opponents two and three levels below my highest characters and entire teams a level below the lowest character I was getting stuck with. At the same time I am being matched with teams who are roughl my level even if they are getting all their good characters and I get stuck with a lot of my losers. This is a huge improvement! Good job Ludia! I love curbstomping these scrub teams! One guy even gave up and stopped fighting today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was so tired of having to waste time with PvP matches that were unwinnable or tough. I don’t care about PvP beyond getting more gold to improve my team for explore so it is great to be able to get in and get out now. I appreciate these PvP changes a lot!

Similarly, have epics been loosened? My last four or five common or battle chests had an epic or two in it. All but one have been for my scrub characters but still it is the thought that counts. Thanks Ludia!