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PvP Changes

There’s already been some discussion of the changes to the PvP in terms of the prizes, but thought it deserved its own topic. Since the changes also seem to include getting WAY easier opponents… perhaps why it’s gotten so much harder to get the most Elite prize wheel? I assume everyone else is seeing this too?

My opponents have not been way easier consistently. Some of them have been way harder! The differences in AFS between my team and my opponents’ team seem (sometimes) significantly wider since the update. This difference is especially true if a Cenozoic creature is in one or more of our teams. Perhaps their new ferocities haven’t been properly balanced in the “matchmaking.”

Or it could simply be my imagination, kind of like when Princess Leia seems happy with me. Excuse me, General. Her Worship.

How long we should wait to reach elite prizes ? How many battles we should win ?

I was wondering myself if that was the issue, but was seeing it in my aquatic match too. Although I often don’t do that many PvPs these days, but always do enough for the daily missions. Perhaps it was just luck of the draw, but the opponents were so ridiculously lower than me that I was completing an aquatic PvP without losing a single fish. I’ve yet to get one that was even close to my lineups.

I’ve noticed easier pvp since the update too, I’m relieved as I’m desperate for sdna but the prize wheel isn’t giving me what I need

If I get ONE more kaprosuchus…


Word. I have four of the doggone Kapros. Then I got a Monolophosaurus and 40 DNA after that. Argh!

The only reason I play the Modded PvP is when I max out my coins, and because my game now crashes during most of the videos I try to watch for my second spin, so if I only get one spin anyway, may as well try to make it for something better than 6k food or 11k coins…


Continuing to get these much easier opponents… and total garbage in the regular PvP because of the wheel being dropped down to Advanced. As if the chance of getting terrible coin and food rewards weren’t already bad enough. Not sure if the easy opponents is supposed to make up for the ever-increasing chance of garbage prizes?? For me, it’s just making me not want to play PvPs at all other than what I need for the daily missions. So tired of 40 DNA prizes for modded PvPs too. A free ad watch gets more than that!

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Word back atcha - same for me. The videos crash my game too but glad it’s gotten me over my Fear Of Modded Battles

Well with these easy opponents, now’s the time to hit those modded ones! I have always tended to lost the modded ones more often (particularly aquatics) but right now, I’ve actually won a few without losing a single one of my dinos.

Yes definitely - I’m doing elite battle with common mods and am winning - making it much easier to plug away

Arrgh, no easy opponents today. So yeah, @HanSoloWannaBe, there does seem to be a really wide spread on the AFS you can get now, which can really result in some pretty impossible matches. Didn’t have a lot of time after putting all my time into running my tournament score up, but did enough for my daily missions at least. But my cenos got not just WAY harder opponents but an Adrenaline Rush mod on top of that. With basically NO way to counter that mod, and having some bad luck with the AI doing one of its “save lots of points and use a minimal hit” I was way too far behind for it to be getting extra points from a mod that I can’t take out. Aquatic was tough too, and got another SR mod (wondering if they’ve turned up the likelihood of getting harder mods even if you are using commons, as they seem to be showing up a lot more) but managed to pull that one out. For a whopping 40 DNA prize. Sigh. 20 DBs spent and almost 15 minutes of playtime to get 40 DNA. With the regular PvPs nerfed even worse, if this is what I can expect regularly now, that’s going to move PvPs from my bread and butter to my least favorite part of this game. Harder matches and REALLY bad prizes… Ludia sure has a gift for sucking the fun out of this game.

Is anyone else noticing that the rare and SR dinos in the modded event seem to come up as a prize WAY more than the percentage would indicate they should? It’s so frustrating to me that the Ophiacodon supposedly is a 2% chance… but I’ve been getting one almost every 3 or so battles! Got one yesterday out of the 3 I played, and again today on my first try. I’ve gotten quite a few Aerotitians too… not as many but still WAY more than I get all the other sDNA prizes that are supposed to be higher probabilities. I’ve gotten TEN Ophiacodons at least (I know I’ve hatched a bunch more as often as they come up), and yet has been months without a SINGLE Spinoraptor (same probability) or Diplotator (higher!), let alone a Raja. Seems hard to believe that it’s all just dumb luck.

@Ned - I assume you all do keep track of how often players as a group land on the different prizes to make sure they are properly programmed for the probabilities we are being told? It’s so frustrating as a player to keep landing on a prize that is one of the most worthless ones in the rotation, but is supposed to be a very RARE one to land on! Granted, it’s at least better than the horrible 40 DNA prize, but certainly not what one is looking to get when playing the modded PvP. And can’t the dino types be rotated around so we aren’t getting so many copies of the same ones?!

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This is just my opinion. I think the probability is cyclically distributed, meaning certain possibilities occur more often during certain periods than others. I too haven’t seen a spinoraptor in quite a while, but there were previous times when I’ve amassed 4 or 5. Ditto for SDNA and SDNA packs, or kapros, or diplotators, etc. Let’s not forget the easily forgettable fan-favorite, 40 dna.

In my opinion and findings after tracking it, the percentages are off for sure. I tracked it for quite a while, over 100 battles, but only SDNA vs everything else. You definitely don’t get SDNA 45% of the time as the pack shows. 71% of the time you should get SDNA, DBs, LPs, Spinoraptor, Shunosaurus or Rajastega. That’s 7 out of 10…in my experience that’s really ain’t the case. Some runs I didn’t see SDNA for ~10 battles.

I get tons of Diplotators and Kaprosuchus.

At the end of that topic you mentioned tracking it longer… have you done that?

I tracked my PvP prizes for awhile sometime back but that was the regular PvPs and didn’t find anything particularly wonky with those. I may start tracked these modded ones as they definitely seem off considerably compared to how they were running a couple months back.

@Dinostan - if that’s the case, something is definitely screwed up. It should NOT be working that way. And yes, when I first started playing the modded PvPs a few months ago, I definitely landed on hybrids like the Spinoraptor a few times, and even a couple Rajastegas. They never come up now.

@Ned, @Keith - perhaps worth asking your developers to look into it since a number of us are noticing it seems really off? It really does seem like the prizes and prize distribution was changed from what the prize wheel says we should be getting. I assume you all keep stats on what all the players are landing on, which would give a LOT more accurate data on if the probabilities are working out the way they should be.

On a related topic, that Trade Harbor sure LOVES the Marsupial Lion. I’ve been trying to do coins for ceno trades with 1 custom trade each day since the big update… and so far of my 4 trade offers, THREE of them have been Marsupial Lions. Come on, give me something else!!

The TH was almost always that way with me, the Marsupial Lion and the Synthetoceras, I would get them a lot when I was doing Coins for Cenozoic creatures day in and day out.

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Mary_Jo, for what it’s worth, I did pick up 2x rajastegas past week. Does this probability vary by progression in the game?

Hi Mary_Jo,
I have asked the dev’s and the probabilities and distribution are correct.

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I may need to start tracking it to see what happens over time, because I continue to get these rare and SR dinos almost every 2-3 battles. My 4 last rounds… one Kapro and one Aerotitian. Only a single s-DNA reward (the one I least want right now of course). This seems to be the pattern for me for weeks now. It’s really depressing, particularly as much as I dislike doing these modded ones in the first place. But with the prizes on the regular ones being even WORSE, it’s all I’m left with.

At least with the new SR-only event at least the Kapro is fairly useful compared to the other ones I keep getting.