PVP - Consecutive Battles Against The Same Opponent

Until recently when battling in PvP, there was a cap limiting consecutive battles against the same opponent to two. This has changed since the most recent update. On multiple occasions since then I have been matched against the same opponent 5 or 6 times in a row. I did not see this mentioned in the update notes. Does anyone know what the new limit is or if this cap has been removed altogether?

Hi Orloch, based on my experience, nothing has changed in comparsion to the past.
Now as before it’s happening I can face several times in a row the same player i.e. my dear super kind friend @Greenwave :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info @Fizbanius. To clarify I was referring to Battle Mode matchmaking. Prior to the update, Battle Mode players would not be matched against the same opponent 3 or more consecutive times until the chose ‘Wait’ (as opposed to ‘Battle Now’) when the option arose. Otherwise a bot was provided when no other suitable opponent was available.

It appears Battle Mode now functions like Event Mode, whereby ongoing consecutive matches regularly occur prior to the player being offered the choice to ‘Wait’ or ‘Battle Now’

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I wouldn’t mind this, if I were being matched to an equal opponent. But if I’m average level 12.5, and they’re average level 15, being matched against them 3 times in a row seems like a rigged mess.

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@Styrixa, I agree. I believe this is why the developer established a cap of 2 consecutive bouts.

Are you saying there was an announcement by Ludia stating this as a rule? I mostly battle bots but do recall a time towards the end of last season where I battled the same player 4 times in a row.

The consecutive match cap was never officially announced by Ludia, however, one of the WotC insiders identified this change in a forum post shortly after one of the updates last year. The cap of two consecutive matches may have only applied to ‘Battle Mode’. I have also been informed it could be overridden by selecting ‘Wait’ as opposed to ‘Battle Now’ when the option arises.

Generally, I avoid PvP events and always select ‘Battle Now’ instead of ‘Wait’. With this in mind, I had not been matched against the same opponent more than twice consecutively, until the recent update. The only exception I can recall was one weekend late last year when the matchmaking formula went awry. For a few days significant mismatches were the norm and extended consecutive runs against the same opponent were common.

I do Battle Now in Battle Mode. I think any appearance of a 2 consecutive match cap is coincidence.

Interesting. Perhaps the top league has not had this cap. The lower number of players in the top league would likely result in more bots if the cap were in place. This could explain the difference.

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Definitely mostly bots except the first day or two of the season. This current season was even worse since the Silverhand on day one pushed the top players up even quicker. This morning I did 5 battles to get my brawl chest and I could see the player above me was active since his trophy count went up and down. Even though I am literally the only opponent within 200 trophies of him we never matched this morning. So I think generally it is just uncommon to actual match with someone more than twice in a row unless you both just play and queue right back up. Even opening a battle chest to make room for a new one or jumping over to donate gear in between matches could be enough to throw off the timing.

Exactly. Unfortunately in League of Dragons I fight bots 95% of time, even if I wait 3/4 minutes for an opponent…so damn boring. But sometimes, dunno why, the system matches me with a player with 3000 - 4000 thropies (very unfair for both).

I think that only happens when the player with the lower trophy count is in a Test of Might and their “event trophy count” is used which is higher than their actual trophy count. It was a big problem the first day but of the season but I don’t recall seeing much of it after that.

I believe I’ve had the honor of fighting Fizbanius twice: once during a Silverhand event after a very high win rate, and once just a week ago when there was not a PvP event going on. I had been waiting for an opponent for a while before we matched, which could have led to it.

@JustPassingThru thank you mate for the “honor”, even if currently there are many players much better than me. Thank you though, hope to meet you again :slight_smile:

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