PvP Crashes

Anyone experiencing the game crashing when the AI runs out of time in a PvP match again? It seems to be back for me. Have experienced such crashes a couple of times in the last couple days, just had it happen in one of my tournament battles. At least it was down in Predator where losing my dinos to CD isn’t quite as bad as if I was using my top tier ones.

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I haven’t noticed crashes on that special occasion but they appear more often on my side since the update.
I remember crashes while placing decorations, open card packs and in the middle of fights. I assume more than 20 since they released the update.

Wow! Yeah I’ve had a few other crashes but nothing like that. These were noticeable since they happened each time when the AI ran out of time on its turn, just like the previous bug that caused the game to crash so often during tournaments.

Lukily, not yet. I hope it’s nothing major

Almost everytime i PvP, i was kicked out when the other player time become 0

I’ve had crashes collecting coins and other minor activities since the new update as well. No crashes previous to this.

Not able to login since last 1 hr.