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PvP Dino Size Based on Level & Boosts

This should be something simple to program. Make (display) 40 sizes of Dino’s for PvP battle so when your facing different level of the same creature, it shows bigger or smaller based on its level and boosts.

Here is an example.

This would be a level 6 Giraffatitan in my back yard.

This would be a level 30 Giraffititan.

This would be a level 30 Giraffatitan, 10 tier boosted.

This would be good as ours or our opponent dinos to look more menacing the higher and more boosted our dino’s are.


Neat… but first I’d like to see a more even mm first based on level and boosts of the selected 4 dinosaurs (so you can’t add a lame duck dino to reduce your pvp “score”)
Or have 12 Dino’s in the pool

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What’s cool about the level 30 example is it’s like, oh hey, this is what the actual thing looked like isn’t it. And then the boosted 30 is like what everyone imagines dinosaurs were like.