PvP disaster — fix this game please!

Today I played five battles to get my 10 kills for the Daily Battle Incubator. Each one took numerous timeouts before I got to play against someone.

Two hours later I started the game back up again to find my score had dropped from around 5180 to 5113 and in my daily mission it says I have completed 16 battles.

So in other words my account was randomly playing other people without me (or them, seemingly) knowing.

Yesterday the Gorgo raid was bugged too — with the boss hitting my team for random damage that didn’t compute with the damage stats.

This game is becoming more and more ludicrous with each update. As countless other people have asked, can the developers please focus on fixing the problems (some of which have existed for over a year) instead of adding new features with each update?!!


For Gorgo you maybe have activated the revenge move on one of the impacts to make a rampage attack.

Over two years even.,……

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Nope — just randomly hit the whole team with a number that made no sense

I’m really sorry to hear that you are having those issues in the game, DeanotheDino. Could you please send your support key over to our team at support+forums@ludia.com? It’d help our team out with issue tracking.

Thank you!

For the raid, yep, had that once to me before. Made no sense of the move.

Gorgotrebax boss…. Kill one minion …. A TURN… if you kill both in the same time RIP…. Also gorgotrebax boss CAN be distracted… wow analyze the boss bro… his functions…

why not both?

I don’t know what I did, sorry.
I got a badge though

All I want to know is what is the edit wiki thing?
I got a forum badge too!

Almost impossible to play PVP today. For each battle, on average, I got:

  1. 3 times out that the opponents were not ready, even after I rebooted the game several times.
    2 1 time that the “battle” button turned grey after clicking it.

So it’s like I have to wait for 5 or 6 minutes until I get to play one PVP battle. Considering the longer and longer battle time now, it takes forever just to get one battle incubator.

What’s wrong with PVP now? If players are not ready, can they NOT be matched? Can AI be used more frequently? - just try to get one incubator. So frustrating!