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PvP Diversity Rewards for Playing Many Creature

As a way to encourage diversity and use of more creature, I came up with an idea of rewarding the use of more than our top 8 that we use over and over without changing.

This example should speak louder than an explanation. Every day you get a fresh set of slots. If possible to program, as we use each creature in PvP battle, they start to fill the slots. After each battle, we change out all the creatures we used during that match and replace them with new ones. We keep playing and changing out creatures to work for the rewards that starts at the 9th creature. We are allowed rewards up to 20 different creatures.

The idea is to diversify the arenas and push and reward players to use more creatures and also level them as not to loose so much as your working for the rewards.

The trade-off of losing to gain boosts in order to win more later may be something that is worth working for and make battling a lot more fun with the use of so many different creatures each day. We will also hear less complaining of DC and Thor. In time we would move lower creatures closer to our top creatures along with giving them boosts as we would be earning more. This means we need more coins and hard cash to level more creatures. In the case of Ludia, this is a :money_mouth_face: win for you.

Please consider this @Ludia_Developers,