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PVP doesn't seem to always balance

I’ve had a few Jurassic PvP battles today where I’ve been paired against someone with very weak dinosaurs compared to mine i had 1 that couldn’t even beat my first dinosaur even tho they had class advantage at the start.

On top of this I’ve been kicked out of the game 2 PvP fights in a row

Yes I’ve noticed the same thing with regards to the really low level opponents randomly showing up.

The bug is one we’ve mentioned in a couple other threads, it only occurs in the two regular PvPs. I have yet to get any response from my report on it to Ludia.

While you playing you shouldnt do something else like checking ur messages phone it automatic kicks u out when battle stars you have to focus on the battle only

Apologies i must have miss those threads

@Carnage_Akemi i don’t use my phone for games so not had that issue i only use a tablet.

No worries… most of it was in the aquatic PvP thread I started so kind of drifted off topic. There’s another bug I’ve only run into in the aquatic that someone else mentioned too, where your dead animal doesn’t get swapped out, so watch out for that one too.

Yes i mentioned it and funny enough just got it again :stuck_out_tongue:

you can’t kill with a “dead” dino but you can build reserves

Only just noticed the timers gone as well

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Good to know! I must have tried to do a kill shot and then switched dinos without reserving first so got killed (had been about to win until this happened), but I figured the game was just stuck and so wasn’t really thinking that much about what I was doing, :wink:

Some times they give me level 40 Commons when I put in level 30 vip

Dang it, I hit the “death bug” again and once again cost myself the win. I just am kind of on auto-pilot at that spot in the match when I know I have it won, and just hit the attack button without noticing the dinos weren’t switched. Since the attack fails with the dead one in place, I lose all my reserve as a result, and thus the match. Not going to be playing anything other than the required aquatic mission PvP until this is fixed.