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PVP dropouts

I’m going to keep it polite even though my brain is screaming at me to vent at the developers.

Developers, please put yourselves in a players shoes…

You are playing in PVP, you are winning,then your connection drops out… I don’t mean the internet connection, I mean the game connection. The internet is fine. So you sit and wait there, and eventually restart your device because nothing is happening, and then you get back into the game and find it was a loss.

Would this be an acceptable player experience to you?

Fix your damn game!

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That’s why I’m on now, deleting more stuff trying to make more space on my phone, hoping to make it help? Well we’ll See?

I would also include the internet failing. Not all of us can stay ina spot with good internet all the time,

I reported the problem to support 10 days ago. It’s not always a problem, but when the server is lagging it’s one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve had in gaming. I’ve won a few matches because my opponent was screwed by the problem, but I’ve lost more matches because of it and have dropped arena levels because of it. Ludia, if you’re listening, please fix your server issues or you are going to lose players. I’ve even bought items several times and, perhaps foolishly, subscribed to the VIP program, but I won’t keep it going if this persists. I’m a long time D&D fan, but I’m not going to be a Ludia fan for long!

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