PVP enemy wont kill opponent?

I had a guy not attack my last living character to grief me i assume. He just kept moving around. Is that common?

I kept attacking him at first to make the match move. Its not that big a deal i just go check emails or play another game while i wait but was just curious.

It’s possible that your opponent might have left their battle or disconnected. @Hoosier

Nah, i would attack him then his turn he would only move and not attack me back. Since he was so much higher level than me i had no chance. No big deal just childish but I guess its perfectly normal lol.

He might have been trying to throw the game. They have said the game looks for certain behavior to prevent players from tanking. I don’t remember the wording. Then it reduces the amount of trophies they lose. That behavior might be more than simply a string of losses. I often see players fight for a bit and then stop. From the looks of your opponent, he could easily have inadvertently almost wiped your team. :joy:. So, he stopped.