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PVP Extra Spin

Can anyone else still do the extra spin after winning PVP?

I’ll never play PvP’s, because I get only stupid stuff, but I wasn’t able to spin again the last time…

Nope, they removed the extra spin about an hour ago. Grinding was already bad enough, not having the extra spin makes the grind even worse.

@Ned, why did they remove the option to get an extra spin of the prize wheel for watching the sponsored ad?


Well that renders PvP pretty much useless…

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Hey everyone, could you please check and see if your Privacy Protection was enabled? Go to the in-game Settings > Help & Support > Toggle button at the bottom. If the Toggle is green, switch it off and see if that helps.


It seems to fix the Prize Drop issue, at least. I’m not going to suffer through a second daily PvP to find out if it fixes that too.


Tried it on my main account on android. Also tried on another account recently made on ios. Ads now reinstated and also works for adds for dna (edit) Thanks.

Tapjoy is back too.

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That’s for Android, coz I don’t see a Toggle button on my iPad.

I had one on mine.

Where’s Toggle?

Try the button ‘Privacy Policy’.

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Bottom of Privacy Policy.

Sorry, I thought this button may has a functionality on you iPad.

You button ‘Restore Purchases’ is not on my Android. Do you know what it does…maybe that’s it…although it doesn’t sound as if?

It should be there

Well, mine doesn’t, so that’s that. Never mind. Life goes on.

@Ned thanks this fixed the issue now I get the extra spin Ned thanks for what you do to help us players with any issue we have with the game

I’m not touching that Restore Purchases tab. It’s ok. No extra spin, or only 9 tickets instead of 10, that’s good. Life goes on. I still eat, drink, sleep, use the toilet, brush my teeth, etc., etc. oh wait, should I be reporting this to everyone every day? Yeah, definitely not. :flushed:

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I read this too quickly and thought you were using the toilet brush on your teeth.

As it is Ludia’s mystery disappearing button you could always ask support. My iPad is a prehistoric retina aka 4 which doesn’t support the latest ios so I am guessing you have better than that. No reason it shouldn’t be there if it is working properly.

Slow down, my friend, for reading and other things in life, including this game. :sunglasses:
Maybe some update along the way will fix things.
If not, I’m cool with that.

I also don’t have a toggle button.