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PvP fixes that are a must

Duration caps on crowd control abilities such as can’t attack/move. Making their removal dependent on the very things they prevent allows them to last the entire fight. I would recommend 2-3 round max durations.

Remove any mechanic that is either bugged or intended to randomly one shot everyone on the opposing team until fixed. The ranger’s legendary bow proc comes to mind.

Add. A. Forfeit. Option.

Add. A. Skip. Turn.

Enforce the initiative in pvp, don’t change to a turn per team all of a sudden.

Point loss against higher ranked/leveled opponents should be reduced greatly. Losing 25-30 points from a team you had no chance of beating is not an experience that encourages play.

Please feel free to add to this post CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms that can genuinely improve the game.


YES!! Forfeit a must!! Characters only max out so much and it is needed in harder pvp battles or else you are just staring at the timer go. :roll_eyes:

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YES! We desperately need the options to forfeit matches and skip turns. Also the whole thing where combat goes back-and-forth instead of proper initiative order is ridiculous as well.


Joining the forfeit feature. So many battles I’m sure I’m going to lose from the get-go becuase the entire opposing team is 2 levels above mine, and that’s just wasting time. The obligation to play is probably to avoid exploiting the system, but there has to be a better option.

The one turn per character when there’s only one left really takes the edge out of strategically taking out specific characters first, and basically means one character can sometime take 2 or 3, with enough luck and high enough level gap. Battles in D&D obivously don’t work this way and shouldn’t here either.

Having to move your character when you can’t attack is maybe the most annoying thing. Why can you pas the turn in PvE but not in PvP? I don’t get the reasoning.

On a side note, the rewards are also pretty poor, which makes grinding PvP really less worthwhile.


The constant changing of initiative order to ensure players alternate turns has to change because it creates at least one serious issue.

Farideh’s Epic helm usually immobilizes an entire team for three rounds with a cool down of six turns. If she’s just one of two ranged attackers left against a team of four melee characters, she can immobilize her opponents permanently (unless it fails).

I’d rather see status effects have their usual 100% chance of success (except for maybe kill effects) with normal initiative than this dumb alternating thing with “a chance that status effects will fail” as a way of keeping the changed initiative from breaking the game.

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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! :smiley: I’ll let our team know.


Also why can a character counterattack while having a “cant attack” debuff, and why sometimes the turn order of the team changes when one of them dies?


Yup definitely add a skip or forfeit option.

Also please look into the Bard’s Dominate ability as well. I’ve had multiple PvP matches where it lasts longer than 1 turn.

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For me it typically lasts two to three turns. The REAL killer for me is having can’t move and can’t attack last for 5+ rounds due to debuffs requiring actions to clear.

Round caps on all crowd control abilities are a MUST.


It lasts 2 turns when you improve the lute to level 3.

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I agree with you, the timer is too quick and the chests are poor. I’m a lvl 6 group and often have lvl 9 party. Would also like to see better VIP chests

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I hate to say it, by every time I decide to play the PVP, after 5 minutes of seeing how bad it is I get absolutely frustrated with it and have to come onto the forum and complain.

1 Forfeit is a good idea. The imbalances you get are brutal. And any time there is a warlock (or two!) involved, the PVP is a boring 5 minutes of watching paint dry.

  1. Reduce the amount of time Immobilize, Can’t move, can’t attack can’t do anything, etc…these really ruin the game.

  2. Tone down the skill of the computer run parties. Miraculously they rarely make errors, miss shots, etc… and I continually see lower level computer run groups beat higher level groups too easily.

  3. Scrap the idea of giving the group who has only 1 person left the ability to attack every round… that PC should not be able to attack any faster than the party with 4 members.

  4. Fix the glitches. I am tired of watching the robot PCs cast regenerate every 2 rounds, or casting power word kill every 2 rounds. That shouldn’t be possible at low level.

  5. Minimize the impact of the lucky dice rolls. Really, one crit or one miss often determines the whole outcome, which is too much.

  6. the emote options suck

  7. Too many times I lose because the game boots me out and I miss 4 or 5 rounds.

What I like:

  1. the fire starting to damage PCs as the fight goes on.
    2… the graphics and general look of the arena
  2. being able to leave one or so PC off the roster (though leaving two off would be better because the way the game works, you often have one or two PC much under-developed)

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve lost just today to a ranger aoe one shotting my entire team.

This ability can NOT be working as intended. Please remove it until fixed.


I will post here.

Main fix that needs to be made is keeping similar levels together…or gear levels.
I just had some great advice about using commons to create combos.

It does not matter as I AGAIN LOST 5 in a row to:

Push to back row
CAN’T move for three turns
CAN’T attack for three turns
Advance Tank With Counter Attack

Burn to death…Even when I can attack I kill myself
And if there is more than one with CA??

My score is 1180 by the way! Keep people two or three levels higher than me OUT OF low level pvp pls.


My buttons keep disappearing during combat forcing an option on me I wouldn’t have chosen and losing the match could you look into the button disappearing glitch

Reward, you may want to post this in a different topic or start one of your own. The last post before yours in here is over a month old

Idk if your new to game. You might be getting hit with various disarms, immobile and other things. They are very popular in pvp. The relevant buttons Grey out.

Dont be fooled, this was a necro bump.