PvP for everyone

The community is splitting because of the boost, but how to solve it; the solution would be that there are 2 types of PvP, so that we all have the possibility to choose how we want to fight.

Its the speed boosts that take away the need for strategy! You don’t need to know what counters this, or what outspends that anymore, just boost Thor or Rat and win (I call this Rattegy).

Simply removing Speed boosts all together or simply replacing them with even armour if they don’t wanna lose their cash cow, would help tremendously!
Its when you having something like Thor who is SUPPOSED to be slow to balance the fact it hits hard and has 40% crit, which creates the problems!

Edit: I want them to remove the 30 second delay on fighting the AI and have AI in ALL arenas so we can at least avoid the squalor if we wish!
Those still wanting PvP simply don’t use the AI, its Win-Win!


Or else,creat an armor and crit boost and even furthe i got plenty of idea:
The Pay 2 win boost:It garantee you a free win and stuck your opponent on a loading screen for 3 hours.
The uninstall boost:It garantee you a free win and uninstall the opponent game
I see plenty of strategy there aswell!

Something like the WinBoost is something Ludia would LOVE to implement lol

Boosts arent going anywhere, sorry. There absolutely should not be 2 arenas, matchmaking would be a nightmare and for roughly the same reason AI button immediately also is a 100% no go. They dont (and frankly shouldnt) want you having all these loop holes, as much as it can be rough getting your wins in the incubators are a reward for defeating an opponent and should remain that way… And not the “easiest possible opponent”. I know that sounda harsh but Im just being real, a lot of these request revolve around making the game easier and thats not the point, leveling and boosting to get stronger is.

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You are 100% right, its much more fun to get a Thor with 143 Speed and 2600 damage sweeping your teams 3 - 0. Whatever was I thinking!

I already know that,i start to learn how ludia work.
and thats why in 1 year max this game is dead.
Remind me of battle nations,
But you know something which will kill it sooner?
Another game which take the same tools and the same game but balanced ,with no boost and a normal matchmaking.
Thats actually what i expect for ludia,some market competition so they hit the floor,actually they are alone in this way

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The debate as to whether boosts are an issue is fair but they should fix boosts not muddy up the arena

They are just doing mistakes whatsoever we ask.
We ask to nerf dracorex SISDR then dracoceratops got the same kit
We ask to nerf tyrant tier:Saint pattys event
We ask for better communication ,they remove tenontorex from weekly easter
We ask for diversity and variety: the same alliance mission rewards since i can’t remember
We ask for less bugs:every release have lots of issue,drone issue,atchmaking time out ect + ALL the olders bugs
We ask for balance the game: release of the boosts
We ask for a better matmaking,so top player can’t harass newcomers: The worst matchmaking system i have ever see in my entire life cames out and the arena became unplayable.
So yeah,i really doubt this game will survive more than a year
I have no expectation from this game anymore because i know they will do it in the bad way


Seems they do the complete opposite as what the community asks for, maybe we should all get together and beg them to not only keep boosts but make them more powerful.
Then they will probably remove them lol

Agree with you specially on the AI option.
It’s troublesome to wait for too long for an incub. Most of us here have life to live. So those who are in a hurry can just battle the AI for a quick win to fill in the incub slot(s). No medals will be awarded, but counts towards the amount of battles and creatures takedown (as of current).

In regard to the boosts issue, maybe in my opinion they should limit it to L30 creatures only. Any creatures below L30 should not be able to be boosted. So, our hard work grinding still pays to a certain extent.

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Since I had to remove my higher level dinosaurs to create a B Team due to matchmaking issues im in a lower arena so don’t even have the option to fight AI after 30 seconds at ALL.
But the matches are fairer so its not too bad!

Though I do at times still get a level 27-30 Einie or Suchie or something despite team average at 21.5 and highest is 23 Indominus (taking Indominus all the way to 30 as its my favourite fake Dino).

Really believe there should be different arenas, different leaderboards for boosted and unboosted teams. You could choose running both or just one team. Ok, for that we need to have option to save different teams.
Mini tournaments like we had aren’t skill tests, but reactions and connection test.

AI does nothing except give you incubator for a win. I don’t have that horrible matchmaking, except sometimes, but before I go to sleep, I don’t want to spend half an hour to get incubator.

There will be blood bath when and if they fix matchmaking. Those lvl 28+ teams will climb back up, smashing all opponents with lower teams.

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