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PvP frustrations

Agreed or it’s deliberate and the purpose is to maintain a variable ratio reinforcement schedule that may be more addictive than setting up the “ratio” with a true random generator

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My last post was flagged because it was “abusive to staff.” I assume that this part won’t get me flagged:
In order to complete a daily quest, I have to win 2 battles. In 3 fights this morning, I won 1 and lost 2 (so standard ratio). The first battle I had the worst possible roster and I got destroyed. The second one I did win, but it was an even match. The third battle, I had a decent roster, but I got destroyed instantly because my saving throws never work while my opponents’ saves generally do. They were able to prevent my wizard from being able to attack. Since she couldn’t do anything and we don’t have a “skip turn” option, she got pulled into the zone right in front of the opponent’s thief (whom I had managed to prevent from moving), so my wizard got killed in turn 2. All I could do was bring my thief forward to try to do SOMETHING. Of course, she got killed in turn 3 before she was able to make an attack.

After a few more fights this morning which have followed the same pattern, I finally got a win because I was matched up against someone who had absolutely no chance against me. And it was a real person, not a bot because they used the little crying emote as soon as the two teams appeared (i.e., he could immediately see that he had no chance whatsoever). I wish I could have communicated my empathy to him. I tried to let him have two kills before I won so that at least he could work toward a brawl chest.

I am okay with the fact that I have to grind through the Challenges and that I will have to grow more powerful before I can advance in Explore mode. I am a little frustrated by the fact that the final dungeon in Harvestshield Mountain in Explore mode is beyond me until I get better gear and I can’t get better gear until I complete Harvestshield Mountain to open it up for Challenge mode, so nice little paradox there, but I can live with that. PvP has ruined this game for me to the point that I am seriously considering deleting the app.

This is typical…PVP still bugs me and not much we can do about it. (Surrender button needed)

I just played a bot…

Level 10 pally hit me for 6300
My fighter misses.

I get one shot killed form mage
My mage does 300 damage

I get one shot from Rogue
My Rogue miss, 200. 270, miss

My bard is dominated!

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After reading your initial post I concur there is nothing abusive to staff. Speculation of developer laze or intellectual absence is merely daily chatter in many forums. There are many existing examples herein where the comments are exceedingly parlous.

It seems there has been a drastic change in moderation recently. I’m not sure why, perhaps its a new moderator finding his/her way, perhaps it is a new philosophy, or maybe something else entirely. Nonetheless, the rules are now being aggressively applied, even when the interpretation of the rule is stretched far beyond comprehension of the rule’s intent.

I’m constantly bagging PVP

But … you could have moved your wizard backwards instead

Just FYI, Harvestshield Mountain dungeon boss has a distinct (and predictable) pattern every time. If you know the pattern (there’s a post around here somewhere about it), you should never take any damage after the 1st round (due to initiative the dragon can damage you in round 1).

With reference to Old_Benn’s comments, below is another one of Retsamerol’s superb guides. This one provides a path to defeat the dragon boss. It will work for any player capable of surviving the 1st round.


See above

Interesting. Based on recent matches, it seems they have expanded the acceptable range for initial match-ups in regular battle mode (not EA). Even though I am in the congested bottom league I continue to be matched against players 250-400 trophies below me. This is limiting progression to 10 trophies per match and is likely frustrating my opponents. I am constantly confused by such changes.

EDIT: Now a few hours later, I’m on a loosing streak facing only level 20 bots.

This is occurring only days after support reportedly fixed my account to prevent this nonsense. @ned, @Jon

I wait a month for Support to fix this mess, and within 2 days it turns into the same pile of horse dice. I suggest the person messing with my account should be removed from this project immediately.

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My impression is that to really do the dance well I need the wizard’s legendary staff in order to have the 3 zone range. I am powerful enough to get through room 6 and get 2 dice. My best crew is my ranger (w/ the 3-zone bow), dwarf, cleric (who doesn’t really do anything but cast regeneration and heal as the others take damage), and my wizard. Sometimes I will swap my paladin for the thief. I just don’t have the hp and firepower to get through room 9 in either Harvestshield or Hidden Forge.

As old_Benn Said, unless you get unlucky and get toasted before you move off the back line, you should always be able to get through dragon without any damage, even with 1 character if your patient

Hidden forge on the other hand can be nasty when your lower level, however that has some tricks that can help you too

Find and check out Retsamerols guide to dancing with the dragon

Range has nothing to do with it. Melee can do it just fine. Any character who survives round 1 can beat the dragon if you know his pattern.

I wonder how much more fun this game would be if I had a legitimate chance of winning in PvP mode more than 1 in 3 or 4 fights. It really is ridiculous. My lineups are terrible. The battle timer almost always means I cannot even get in a single decent attack before I get killed. Give us a surrender button,devs! PvP is TERRIBLE.

Okay, PvP has gotten so bad I quit. I wrote an honest review for the App Store. Thanks to all of you who tried to help me out playing this game, but it’s really so frustrating in PvP that it’s just not worth it. I am done.

the PvP of this game is just ridiculous.
totally unbalanced
low trophies (500-600) level 6-7 facing level 9-10