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PvP highlights game instability

I’ll be frank, this game has stability issues. It crashes a lot and freezes a lot. This never bothered me before this update. Crash during a challenge, no big deal just restart from where you were. Freeze during PvP, ah well, I’ll just do another match. With this latest update and the bonkers PvP banding, it really is starting to become a glaring problem. Since 95% of my matches are with people over 200 trophies below me, a win is 10 trophies and a loss is -50 trophies, I need to win at a rate greater than 5/1 to get anywhere. Today I’ve had my game:

  1. stop responding to my commands. No matter what I tap, the game just doesn’t care and carries on the match as if nothing’s wrong. This happens more frequent on my tablet than my phone.
  2. flat out crash. This happens a lot more frequent on my phone than my tablet.
  3. Sits on the “Opponent found…” screen while the match is going on without me.

I always liked PvP in this game, and the main reason was because is was low stakes, just fun and relaxing. Now it’s just a miserable smash the lower level players in the face fest compounded with the fact that glitches will easily wipe out any progress you made. People are a lot more forgiving of software bugs when they are having fun…I am currently not having fun.

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Previously my game used to crash virtually every time when looking through my gear, when looking through challenge rewards and when opening battle chests.

Now following the update it has additionally started crashing after arena battles and during challenges

I previously tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it with no success.

Basically all the old iterations of the game are causing problems:

Eg when I go into events I momentarily see 3 tabs before it changes to 2, when I go to challenges the gear windows momentarily show an image with a 25% discount banner (this is very brief so I can’t see exactly what it is) etc. any suggestions as to how I can get a version that isn’t being hamstrung by old code