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PvP initiative must be fixed (among other things)

So I just lost a PvP battle that I was winning 4-1. Lvl 11 Caliope, Halbenet, and Raika + Lvl 10 Naomlen vs. Lvl 12 Tommus. Why? Because his basic attack proc’ed EVERY SINGLE TIME, which ultimately only was an issue because of the initiative system that exists I guess in the name of fairness?

Look, it’s a fact of life in D&D that every now and then, your team’s initiative roles suck. It happens. We get over it; you don’t have to enforce fairness by constantly adjusting initiative every time a character goes down, and then introduce an effect failure mechanic that exists nowhere else simply to prevent the changed initiative from making the game entirely unplayable due to Shevarith’s Darkness or Farideh’s Mass Hold Monster (I’m sure there are others). It’s really annoying when I lose matches due to a mechanic that only exists to balance out a different mechanic that I wish wasn’t there (and I have, multiple times). It would even be fine if for PvP the initial initiative order was balanced between players; it’s the constant rearranging that breaks everything and makes it so frustrating.

And maybe tone down whatever makes bot attacks proc more often (because there’s no way they don’t from what I’ve seen)? It’s annoying enough how often I have to play them; I don’t need them to get added bonuses too.

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