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PvP is a Joke

I’m so sick of these 1 sided beat downs in PvP. It seems like every game its either a 3-0 or 3-1. I either completely steam roll my opponents or get absolutely destroyed. I have a decent team with everything 25+ but i constantly have to face guys with level 28+ with more boost. Or I fight teams with level 23 or less with less boost. Very few games are close and my entire alliance deals with the same things. I don’t understand how PvP stays this broken.


And thats a bad thing because…

Its very unfair to that person who has to lose 3-1 or 3-0. I don’t think anyone should have to constantly get destroyed. The matchmaking is completely lopsided towards one side almost all the time.


Gets even worse when you face teams between level 27 and 30 extremely boosted constantly.


This happends when everyone have the idea of ”winning” and climb the rank.

More boosts, more happy buying players, more boosts, people need to spend more – go and get it!

No. Play in the lower arenas and have funny battles instead. Drop the idea of playing with dinos lvl 25+ . Spend your coins to level up a whole team instead of 1 level.

Its a trick.


You’re still talking about getting 1 sided matchups. You’re just talking about staying lower arenas so that you’re just beating on people. Its not about winning and losing. Its about the fact that its completely one-sided constantly. Unless you intentionally drop you should fight people with close to your dino power and level. Not get wrecked or steam roll someone.


Yeah its nicer to steam roll people but that doesn’t make the matchmaking fair just because you’re the one using stronger dinos.


I play in the same arena with even matches, with a score as everyone else in that area have.

I have level 27-30 dinos and I don’t play with them. Its not fun.


I’m glad you get good matchups but no one else I know does. We have pictures of out guys with level 20 dinos having to fight level 28+ dinos regularly. And I fight teams with all boosted level 30s while I have 1 dino that’s over level 27. I don’t expect perfection but when 8 out of 10 games end 3-1 or 3-0 and aren’t even close something seems messed up. PvP matchups are the biggest complaint I have heard from anyone I’ve played this game with.


“If you ain’t dying, you ain’t buying!”


There is really not much you can do with the twin issues of droppers and resets.

A pure power based match maker would cater to 0 progress since you just need to tweak your team to a Goldilocks point and zoom to the top of the leaderboard. You can get to 8k trophies with a lvl 23 team so long as the matchmaker is 100% power based. That is nice if you are the lucky fella who found the balance, not so nice if the balance changes and you get pummelled down to 4k trophies.

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I agree.
As long as people can drop more than one Arena (on purpose or because of bad matchmaking) we’ll always face this problem. Another option would be to have the arenas level/boost capped. Either way as long as everyone’s free to go anywhere using whatever they please there will always be those abusing this freedom for their own pleasure/purposes and with that… imbalance.


I want to drop to 0 trophies (Arena 1) and use uniques and legendaries to earn fast incubators and save time since I’m a busy person. I’ll probably start dropping tomorrow. :smiling_imp:

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The solution to droppers is to increase the rewards in Depot, Shores and 1 more arena above Shores.

The reset has to be staggered better instead of lazily. Add 1 more arena above Shores and reset players there to Shores, players in Shores to Depot, players in Library to Aviary and Aviary below as they were.

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In theory you can but you are wasting hours to do so. You might have fun upwards but it might be not worth it.

Yeah it will take a long time for that to happen. Lots of players doing it and it’s frustrating so I am just going to do it as well. Let us make the pvp bad as much as possible until the devs sees it and takes action immediately. I am playing fair and square from day 1 (Nov 2019) and I am now in Aviary and now it’s time for me to have some fun. It’s just a game by the end of the day.

Let us take advantage of this poor mechanics while it lasts. New players will suffer and quit immediately out of frustration and we might get a better result at the end (not sure when but hopefully not long). This problem already existed I think since the game has been created.

The pairing has been bad, and more in the Lockwood Mansion or in the Aviary where I have been going up and down for a while, now I stabilize myself and I am permanently in the Aviary, he believed that the pairing for me is not so annoying why not I raise the dinosaurs like other people do, for example they have creatures of different levels and that makes it difficult to give them suitable matches, in my case the 8 dinos of the pvp, are all between level 20, 21 and 22, that makes me face to players with creatures with similar levels to mine.

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Yall worrying about the heckhole that is the arena while I just sit back,do raids,help me alliance with the tournament(by getting my 10 kills,nothing more nothing less,those are the requirements after all),helping lower levels through harder raids,teaming up with my alliance’s higher levelled peeps for the harder raids(they keep insisting i and many others aren’t being carried because we do our part,which for me is usually to boost everyone’s damage with a tryos and getting rid of a minion’s taunt so my friend’s thor can land their big hit on the boss),and just having as much stress free fun as I can