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PvP is a Joke

Yup. This is why I “strategically avoid” Shores now… I don’t need to be donating any additional trophies to those players.

Don’t get me wrong, not blaming the players for taking advantage but this catering to the top 1% has ruined PvP for the rest of us. There HAS to be a better way!


I’m typically up near shores (in the 5800s-5900s) with the occasional hop into shores. My battles take about five minutes each. On days like today, when the game decides to give me awful matchmaking/RNG and I go on a losing streak, I can spend a half hour playing and not earn a single arena inc to show for it. I just finished all the takedowns for my DBI without a single win. How many hours am I going to have to play to fill my four inc slots?

It’s gotten even worse since the shores matchmaking change – out of my five opponents today, four are shores players who have either dropped out or gotten pushed out. I’m not a dropper myself, but I completely understand why people drop to avoid this. I could have filled all my inc slots in that half hour if I didn’t feel so bad about dropping down and steamrolling lower-level players. Ludia created this problem, and Ludia needs to fix it.


Ludia you need to really fix your algorithm for tournaments… This is ridiculous… 8 creatures in my lineup, half are over 20 the other half are exactly 20… 10 matches I have received all 20s 8 times… I’ve won 1 out of 10 matches… The last match every single one of my stuns failed . EVERY SINGLE ONE! What kind of crap is this?!


Hey @Mona wanna explain why you moved my thread about this current tournament to a post from 2020?! Why you felt the need to bury my post on an old thread? Don’t move my post… Fix that. .

Disagree… people buy because they like wasting money… I would put my efforts on boost skilled tournament… I never bought nothing from ludia.

You are not alone

how does this tie into stuns?..
looks like you got a rex there

I am showing bad match up related to tournament

There’s no such thing as bad matchmaking in an advantage tourney. Tournament matchmaking is by trophies only, and players at almost any level could have high-level epics and rares. When you go into an advantage tourney with unboosted, base-fusing-level creatures, you’re going to get beaten by people who have focused on building an advantage team.

I’m not sure why tournament complaints are getting moved to this thread, anyway. This is about bad matchmaking and arena droppers, things that aren’t an issue in tournaments.


Please fix the outrageous mismatches this is ridiculous, a team with a max creature of lvl 22 how is it supposed to make any progress facing off constantly with lvl 26s and up?!

Are less people playing in Gyrosphere or something?
I’m in upper Gyrosphere, and I got the same person 3 times in a row at a popular time. I lost the first 2 times, but I won the 3rd (although I could easily gripe about that - if someone loses twice to the same user, there should really be a 5 minute cooldown for getting the same user again).

Tournament… this is exactly why we don’t have raids on weekends between tournaments and raids arenas would have match making issues.

Yeah, pretty sure that is a dropper. I get why they do it, can be incredibly hard to get incs at the upper levels. I have had bad runs where it can take me 20 or 30 min to get a single inc. I have dropped myself, though I run a different ‘B’ team when I do. An all 30, boosted team like this in aviary is just trying to bully people.

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Honestly I can see someone like that being pushed down into aviary these days. At 5030 trophies (the lowest lockwood score) I was facing level 30 boosted teams, though mine is not at that level. A string of awful matches due to gyro folks being farmed for trophies by shores players (and thus dropping down) could cause more and more players to be pushed lower than they should.

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I just had 10 losses in a row and dropped from 5979 trophies to 5679. I wasn’t trying to drop, either – it was just bad matchmaking and bad luck. At five minutes per battle, that’s 50 minutes of playing with no incubators to show for it.


It’s a complete disgrace. I have lost 7 in a row tonight too. I barely battle anymore unless I have to, it’s pointless. I’ve dropped from 6040 to 5830. I have been faced with teams who have 10780 trophies, 6730, 6220 and 6190.The last two I can accept, but the others are a complete joke!!! I even faced the guy at number 1 last week. No wonder the guys at the top have such ridiculous trophy counts since Ludia decided it would be a great idea to feed all the small fish to them!!! PvP needs to change urgently. Fight someone -100 or +100 trophies difference from you or give us an AI battle. Spent an hour and won nothing.


the lvl 29 indom singlehandedly swept my team, 1 shot everything

They demanded that Ludia make it this way or they would leave the game so Ludia gave in.

This is how the game will die. PvP for sake of PvP.


I wonder how much money the top 100 spend compared to the rest of the playerbase. Is it really so much that it’s comparable? At this point I’m curious.

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