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PvP is a Joke

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I defeat my entire team.

This is from a few days ago, but since he wouldn’t let me publish it, I do it now.


Okay sometimes you have problems where you fight things that are insane (I’ve had my fair share of level 30 Max’s monos and a 30 magna once in aviary all boosted to the moon ofc) but is this really worse than waiting half an hour for someone who has the exact same team strength as you? The problem isn’t Ludia devs they want you to be able to get a match quickly the problem is a lack of player base complaining and leaving the arena makes the problem worse by boycotting it you are becoming part of the problem


I don’t think you can blame the playerbase for refusing to put up with a broken and miserable system. That’s an abusive mentality.


It never has to be one extreme or the other… Ludia just doesn’t like to actually admit their is a playerbase problem that’s been around for a long time and they ain’t helping the problem in any regards.

I would rather wait 2 minutes for a “closer” match then be instantly stuck in a match where I either steamroll or am being steamrolled.

Pvp is about a competitive battle… but nothing is done to ensure competitive battles because Ludia wants to match people instantly. People stop spending money when they realize games have a player base issue. This doesn’t help one bit with people boycotting or quitting it just makes the situation worse.


There are so many super boosted dinos about now. Most of these are fine (unboosted 25 Grypolyth took out that Dio with ease), but others… Eh. Library sucks since the Shores change.


I’m now totally fed up , grypo was a worthy counter to rixis the latest changes have made it useless, both stuns landed both same level wiped out , talk about a stitch up , someone at ludia loves rixis,


A nitro one is just gross, and suffers the same problems Thor does

What was changed about grypo?

He can be stunned now , lost his full immunity, & his heal was changed from greater emergency heal to instant emergency heal , damage was changed up slightly

it was also given 67% swap prevention resistance.

I played him/her/it several days ago.

Lol, it was fun… disturbing…

But in fact, that T.Rex is not as problematic as that Mortem being unable to be decel…

Most of the people who are in the upper 3 arenas almost do not use Sarcorixis, they did not believe that it is as you say, in epic tournaments the grypo does not participate, I believed that they changed more about being able to stun him by the Thoradolosaur than Ludia It has given 50 percent immunity to bleeding, and now the grypo can stun and was one of those that could fight the Thoradolosaur, that Ludia loves that creature.

Point taken, however I honestly don’t believe they think those things through enough, the amount of repercussions a small change can make, not just the primary intention, but the less than intended fallout from any secondary one’s.

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Didnt even bother trying, just screenshotted this nonsense and disconnected.

Upon looking at my recently battled list, of course it was a dropper :unamused:


The problem i see is Ludia has not enabled players to space out so they do not meet players out of their range. The resets are not helping, having no anti-dropper measures makes it rewarding. So many things Ludia has to do to fix the current malaise.

A few of my last battles.

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In my experience, it’s only gotten worse, not better.

Ludia still refuses to listen.

Matchmaking complaints seem to be one of the biggest, yet unresolved complaints.

Ludia continues to reset trophies which affects all players.

I love battling, in my opinion it is the best part of the game, it’s why I collect and build my team. Unfortunately ludicrous has made it the worst part of the game. I still believe it’s because of their gambling style games that prey on gambling addictions, compelling you to spend real money believing you are on the cusp of flipping your luck to start winning (like all those other players that are at your level and winning!).

It really is ludicrous that they haven’t addressed the biggest complaint in years. It says it all, that is their moneymaker.

I truly believe the mismatch matchmaking is hard coded into the game, it’s intentional.

The only real option is to drop and beat up on lesser teams, which will be their next fix… You won’t be able to drop. Your only choice will to be fodder and get fed fodder, which isn’t fun on either end of the spectrum.


Just had this happen. Recently allowed myself to win a few extra times without throwing a match to stay in the Marshes (I thought I might indulge a change of scenery). I played 3 matches today. I just finished this match up.

Clearly that didn’t go well for me. I thought it might be been a dropper, but when I went to check on them, these are my last 3 opponents…

This matchmaker is utterly broken. The whole thing needs an overhaul.

EDIT: for the record, my current arena rating is 3555… but not for long. I’m heaving back down to Sorna Marshes, where I hope I’m less likely to run into this again.