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PvP is a Joke

I’m actually kinda impressed at all the 27s lol it’s rare to see people with an even team


Same, surely that’s on purpose, right? Were they all unboosted? The Smilonemys looks like it was

It must be unboosted to be at 5100 trophies.

The Smilonemys definately wasnt boosted, didnt hang around to try and bother fighting it though.

As for the rest, I’m really not sure because the recent battled list can sometimes not show boosts on dinos.

That seems pretty similar to this team i fought in mid avairy and they led with level 30 magna followed by level 29 dio… I didn’t last long


•Trophy differences up to 800 trophies
(Even if they dropped they shouldn’t be allowed to)
•Terrible matchmaking
•Advanced droppers: alliance/team swapping grinders (swapping alliance and team to drop and climb to get back to their original alliance who only does fair play…uhum once they’re back up in trophies)

This needs to be addressed yesterday.


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Yeah. I understand your feeling.

Its a shame they can’t create dinos so players can use all of their DNA in one or another way.

We must have more playable dinos in the arena!


That’s what advantage tourneys are for

So I’ve been in Aviary for this past week, and I can see how PvP is still leaning towards miserable for a lot of people, but only partly for the reasons stated.

I made it to 4795 before finally getting hit with my first over-the-top Aviary opponents being level 28+ with boosts vs. my level 19-24 (average still 21) team only two of which are boosted, but after falling back to mid-4600s the real reason I’m losing is the matchmaker selecting the worst possible creatures to face my opponents. With the meta so divided between the rock-paper-scissors motif and boosts being what they are, there are match-ups that are simply unwinnable for one side because the creatures you actually placed on your team to beat what your facing simply aren’t chosen - and it happens where this hits you in a string.

I’ve now fallen to Lockwood Estate, and not at all because I chose to (which is usually the case). If I was a competitive person, this would rile me to the point of quitting. As it is I’m just annoyed because I’m only trying to fill up my incubators, but my annoyance still says that this PvP model is utter trash.

Droppers? I understand where they’re coming from completely, and while I can blame them for forcing unfair, unwinnable creatures on legit players, I don’t blame them for the reason they dropped in the first place.


I take out my whole team, nothing to do against this thing.


I either face off against teams of fierce while not having indo, or just downright op thors or monos

Todays crutch dino:


Ha, you should see those in Library

Also yes I did yawn why wouldn’t I, it was the only boosted Dino in their team. After that it was just lvl 24 and 25 base.


Wanna see some real crutchs

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Ran into a few players in Library running a nitro Thor, nitro Magna and nitro Mono in their team.
Hard work to deal with :frowning:


I agree 1000000% but your post will be taken down amd you will get an official warning for violating rules. Apparently yoju can only speak truths here that dont make the all mighty mad

fought these 2 funky dinos on the same team paired with a level 27 heavily boosted phoru and a unboosted monometrodon. Resulted in a loss but definitely an interesting battle