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PvP is a Joke

A boost reset will exacerbate the problem not solve it, sorry


They would need to do that because many of those players boosted their unlocked apex creatures so if Ludia decides to lock them until they reach level 20 for example and they won’t be able to use them they will need to receive all boosts applied to those creatures. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair.

Like I’ve said before, the main problems in the arena are the 30/30 trophy system that does not take opponent’s trophy level into account and the completely unnecessary monthly trophy reset < 6000.

Although I previously suggested starting the reset - if they must - at 5500, I now believe they should not touch any trophies < 6K. At that level, I suppose it’s necessary due to the ridiculous trophy counts of a few top players.

Maybe put a cap on it, like they did at the beginning of the game (back then it was 5K… nearly 3 years ago). Until new arenas, which are desperately needed, are introduced maybe the upper limit should be 7000? Maybe more, but not unlimited like it is now.

If they fix the algorithm, we will be able to advance and become opponents for the top players. Then the game would no longer have to serve them the very few players who manage to advance to Shores on a platter. I would love to fight a top player- but since I can’t get near Gyro Depot anymore it will never happen.

FYI - my top trophy count was 5842, reached in January 2020 (yes,15 months ago), before the disastrous 30/30 system was implemented. I have boosted level 30 and apex dinos; problem is, so do my opponents. My trophy count keeps decreasing every month after “reset” and I’m now barely staying in the lower Library. This is a disgrace… and very discouraging.


That is simply not going to happen. The bell has already been rung.

I’ve said this as well and I agree 100%. The best part is it is an easy fix and doesn’t require a retooling of, well, everything.

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We don’t know. I’ve heard they will reset boosts soon so maybe this is one of the reasons. It would be very positive if that happened.

Ofc it doesn’t address the obvious new player retention issue of lower arenas having fresh apex and unique creatures on teams with way lower avg levels. There needs to be a dual pronged approach that rolls out set brackets for what levels and boost caps for lower arenas AND adjustments to endgame player trophy counts and progression such that top players face each other or at the very least don’t farm folks like they are right now.

So, so, so very bored of facing nitro Thors, Magnas and Monos. Add to the mix the lvl 30 Rats and Rhinos and battles are really not fun!
Things are only going to get worse when people start plying their shiny new Apex beasts with silly amounts of speed boosts too.
I think Ludia’s complete silence on the disaster that is now PvP speaks volumes.


that’s what i do since boosts 2.0 reset update.

game would be much better for me with pure trophies matchmaker. and who knows… without boosts too.

i have 5000 boosts of each type not used here. based on my 1.0 experience, if i apply all of them i would go about 300 trophies up, and this gives me nothing.

so i don’t use any of them, try to unlock some of these millions creatures released each update, and play some good battles every day:

if i win or lost, it’s all about the battle itself, and those emoticons. it’s fun.

if you really want to play serious about ranking, be prepared to play 10h a day, collect like a crazy, join some great alliance, use discord, read all articles and threads and preferable pay a lot of money.

Hey, Ludia, If you have some shame left so just give my trophies back, you haven’t fixed PVP matchups for past 3 years, and what did you get after boosting this stupid monolo and sarco, huh? And what was the mean of adding BOOSTS
arena is RUINED, I LOSE EVERY BATTLE I’VE FOUGHT SO PLEASE MAKE A SMALL UPDATE in which you just fix matchmaking and bugs

How can they fix the matchups? If they did, their friends would be sad that no one was around to fight with them.

If Ludia fixed matchmaking, the PvP is life players would have no opponents since no one would be matched with them in the upper arenas.

So instead of being honoured to meet the top players by playing well and getting 7k trophies, you are punished for daring to enter Shores with your pathetic 6k trophies.

This is why the matchmaking in lower arena is so bad because the ordinary players are sick of being treated badly by the top players for the sake of PvP.


No need for new arenas. There are barely 1000 players that get to Shores in a season. If they add new arenas, top players again won’t have anyone to fight, except AI. Unless they leave open Shores matchmaking from Shores up.

They need to rebalance creatures, fix trophy sistem and Shores matchmaking. We need more players in Gyro and Shores, that way current Shores matchmaking won’t be needed.

Since I swapped out Magna for Magnus, I’m bouncing between Gyro and Shores. Always progressing, slowly but surely.

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The only way to keep Shores matchmaking is to bring in 2.more arenas AND have a 60/30 win/loss trophy system. So players in each of the arenas can find opponents across the 1k range and not end up leeching on Depot/Shores border denizens to prop up their ego.

I absolutely adore, how after two day decent battle experience (I faced only four or five extremly boosted creatures) Ludia’s fenomenal matchmaking rules, finally decided to choose me an equal opponent

Its a joke because many people throw all their boosts and coins into one creature

Its a joke because Ludia chose to allow Shores to be a mess. I gave being a good person and am now in Aviary enjoying easy wins and variety.

I feel until Ludia loses players in the middle arena due to bad matchmaking and anger, it will never fix the top arena to move everyone up.

There is no reason why a top player shouldnt drop and find their own fun.


Aight so I’m in pvp in Sorna Marshes, most of my opponents having legendaries and maybe a few epics. First pic is my team.

These are my last four opponents.

Now don’t say that I’ve got no resiliants because I’m working on that. The point is that my wee little a** has to fight these people.

When i was there i used have commons and rares plus rex


To be honest, most of these people are just dropping to find fun from this game that caters to bullying and rewarding a minority at the expense of the majority.

Ludia easily can fix this problem. Make Shores matchmaking less all-catching and the overall trophies allocation to a 60/30 win loss model.

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