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PvP is a Joke

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how do you get the new 2019/2020/2021 etc badges

Thor is back to have a speed war with Nitro Mortems

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Not trying to be rude or anything but Ludia your battle system is bad and the battles aren’t fun. I’ve been losing over and over and over again and it sucks.

Good ol matchmaking :unamused:

Dodocevia almost took it out, but in the end I was demolished.

Interesting team though.

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They must be doing well in advantage tournament but it’s quite likely they barely manage to stay in library. Not really a surprise to see them in aviary.

Or they have like 70+ maxed creatures and wanted to play around with some of them in lower arena’s…:wink:

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It is no joke, the same thing every single battle. Take a creature down, swap in attack/stun, repeat. If you get lucky, you will get Monolorhino AND Cera on the same team. Lucky you! It is beyond lame. No wonder I get so many AI lately, people simply refuse to play this garbage. BTW, I am not complaining, AI is the only time I enjoy the Arena.
Come on Ludia, how about you stop focusing on Apex raids (which few people want any more of) and actually focus on the heart and soul of your game, ARENA

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I just played 2 AI’s in a row, lost one and won one. If I know I’m going to play an AI after 2 losses, I will set up a team to beat it right away but the team I have is so-so for the AI. The good thing about the AI’s is you get to fight creatures most don’t play.

Took this from my nephews account today. Guess everyone else is ok with this


And this is how,my friend,people climb back to Lockwood Manor/Aviary.

And this is why,i always ask to be carried in magnus/Ref
I’ve faced a magnus in top estate once.

Why would someone do this

I saw a max damage boosted regular old common Diplocaulus a few days ago in Avairy, wish I’d screenshotted it for the “what” factor.

The state of the Arena is beyond a joke! Ludia ruined this game with stupid move sets like cautious strike, swap in damage & stun and OP creatures (Monolorhino, Magnus, CompC and many more). I think they should find better people to manage this project as they don’t do their job well and with LOGIC!

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