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PvP is a Joke

It’s probably a dropper and wait until you get to aviary. Almost every time you face opponents they have creatures that are 3-6 level above yours.

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More stupidity in aviary

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and it’s not just the LEVEL, it’s the stupid fact that the opponent is an apex

I’ll see superhybrids all the time against my legendaries.

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I’ve been flip-flopping between Aviary and the Library for about a year now. I just can’t get any further ahead because of match-up shenanigans.

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I feel really bad for you man like jeeze

I have a crazy teams that I built for pvp I played every day for 2 years now… I do have over 20 dino at level 30 … 8 that are fully boost for pvp… the problem that I have is the critical hit … I get hit with critical 4 time in moyen par
Battle now … you will never win more than 50%… you are blocked at that… you can have the best team ever
You still never go up … because they blocked you from going up… I have mortem at level 30 the percentage of critical is 40%… I think I only have 5 % and not even and
When you get a crit is useless… cera how many times
That I switch and don’t stunt… everything is controlled
by ludia… now I don’t try to go up no more is useless
I just collect dino now… they make so many dino useless
Now … you have many dino level 30 and you can not do anything with it… ludia make the game so stupid now…
The only thing ludia thinking is money they don’t think about any of you… they see you as a dollars sign…

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What are you complaining? I get 30 thors 27-28. Apex at voliere :joy:

Examples from today mid voliere (4600-4800)in aviary i get then lvl 30 apex :joy:

why the tryko is speed boosted. it useless. I rather boost the health. For trex its alright because max speed boost is useful for tournaments but why use it in pvp

For being faster than most tank, and faster than Rhino after tryko use resilient impact.

Cause it is a dropper :wink:

Max speed boost is good for building sanctuaries as well.

How is this fair. I also had to go against a level 30 with 2172 attack, 6000 health, and 138 speed suchotator! How was I supposed to win?

You weren’t supposed to win. Best not to join tournaments the moment they start because there will always be fewer people to match with so chances are you’ll get someone much stronger.


advantage tournaments are hard if you dont have high level creatures

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Which is really broken for newer players who don’t have them, yet get put up against ridiculously high level dinos. Gotta love matchmaking :unamused:


I am in Nublar Jungle and I lose sometimes so is my team good enough

Teams like this shouldn’t be allowed :confused:

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You have level 26 creatures on your team, then it’s somewhat normal that you face level 30. Yet I only have creatures between level 21 and 22.

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