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PvP is a Joke

What a waste…


It’s been mostly that for a very long time now.

Agreed. Boosts say hello.

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Just encountered a 27 ceramagnus in mid aviary and there was nothing I could do. Matchmaking is the worst I’ve seen in a game.


Sitting on the cusp between Aviary and Estate and come across this. Thor went down easy, 0 chance against the Magna :confused:

Came across a “but why though” in the boost department

Just be happy for the easy win.

They didnt use it in the match, I found it while snooping on their profile. Probably would have destroyed me anyway with damage that high against my team of unboosted level 21s.

My barely boosted skoona still destroyed this lol


cringe health indoraptor

They had 6000 trophies, so they obviously dropped from shores


They are sore losers who need to drop to lower arenas for wins. They cannot win in the arena they should be in. Sorry if I am being a bit harsh, but I just absolutely despise these droppers. What fun do they get from what they do?


I don’t do it but i suspect the logic is - get to shores for better rewards, then drop for easy incubators. It’s not necessarily fun, but them making life easy for themselves. Keep in mind they gave away a lot of wins to other people to get to where they were at. Again, I don’t do it or agree with it, I just am envisioning the rationale.


what is a legendary level 18 doing in Aviary… I couldnt stay in aviary until I got good uniques level 21+

From experience, a level 21 team of good creatures will get you into the bottom of Avairy and pretty much keep you there. You may have to grow the newer good creatures to 21 as they add new ones but this is the team level needed at this particular time to get to Avairy.

They must be doing a mass exodus to aviary or something because I’ve run into so many players with 5k+ trophies it’s ridiculous :unamused: (I have/sit around around 4600). This person however takes the cake:

I saw this of theirs and promptly disconnected.

I snooped around in their profile and the morty had like 140 speed and the rest in attack, and the Phorurex had max attack.