PvP is a Joke

I hate those “nOn MeTa” teams that are fully boosted level 30s that don’t give my level 26-21 creatures a chance.


Here’s one example

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Look at this
My barely boosted team of Epics and Legendaries against a level 29 max boosted freaking ARCTOVASILAS

To no one’s surprise my team proceeded to get swept 3-0
Today I fought my first apex
I’ve fought boosted uniques before but nothing on this scale
And by the way I’ve been on a losing streak recently
Droppers if you hear me please stop
You’re ruining the game for legit players


A normal day in the arena be like:

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no offense but why u using a lv 18 pho?

It can go for 2x attack infinitely

true but if you want to use it at least lv it up

Yes, I know, I just don’t have the coin

PvP is a joke because after the areana reset I faced a lv max boosted mort in estate

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If u had an Andrewsarchus u might have had a chance :rofl:

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Super glad to face this with my level 21 acevia, level 24 parasauthops (didn’t even get to use it), level 23 skoona, and level 25 scorp (didn’t dodge on swap in). I had to face the procerathomimus, T rex, and blue. They were all max boosted, and the t rex was 130 speed.

@GadZip That player has obviously reached their end game and you haven’t.

There comes a point when a player who has played for years will just play around with their team just for the fun of it .

A tenonterex had previously one shot my hydra boa with a crit on its distracting impact.

Pvp not the problem how some guys havent any pvp problems. Is 2 things They hack and ludia let them do. We did years to pass a level and those guys whit same dinos made it in a week. Not technic! Now too much strange things happen on this game to be honest :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: