PvP is a Joke

Are less people playing in the tournaments or something?
I’m all the way down at rank 3300, and I just had two teams of fully boosted level 30 creatures, clearly far higher than I am. I don’t expect to win, but dang, I don’t think I should be getting that sort of team this far down unless the game is no longer taking trophies into account?

what dino is that the one you were using


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I used gamma, darwenopteryx and suchotator.

Also happy cake day :cake:

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I’m getting similar matches. I haven’t gone up in trophy count because of that.
I think it’s because JWA has less and less casuals so we’re almost just seeing people that are truly invested in the game and p2w players.

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^ It really does feel that way, I dont think I’ve ever seen so many players in low aviary with teams consisting of level 28+ highly boosted dinos. I used to see them when I’d creep up to the 4750+ mark, but not in the 4600 and under.

The game feels like it’s in a permanent monthly-season-reset-day state with all the ridiculously overpowered opponents being thrown at you. It’s as if everyone is sitting on the same amount of trophies regardless of team, and feels like trophy counts mean nothing now.


I really agree with you. Myself after 2-years of break, come back to game and arena/PVP is still bad. (by the way I started again on a friends account, so have some up-to-date creatures)

Even getting incubators to keep going is very hard to do.

I really think that Ludia if they can’t fix the matchmaking, then at-least give us an option to FIGHT AI, after 2x straight loses.

Sometimes I have to run and can’t even get a win to have a incubator which I can keep running. Many times more than half a day, I have no incubator running. This is the most annoying thing to me.

You know what’s crazy about what you just said?

Since my team has been the victim of powercreep, I’ve been thrown from mid-Gyrosphere to lower Library. Those same teams - with level 28+ highly boosted dinos, are also in the lower Library. In fact, I had a battle the other day where they didn’t even have boosts on half of their team. Then again, two of my new team members don’t have boosts either (waiting for the reset tokens, if they ever hand them out again), so…

Also the monthly trophy theft is to be blamed for that as well. With each season there are less and less trophies in the game in total, pushing everyone down to the meatgrinders (aviary and library). I remember like 2 years (?) ago, an unboosted team of lvl 21-24 dinos was enough for library, now all i face is lvl 30 max boosted ones. I wonder how long before there won’t be enough trophies in the game for players to fill all arenas. Feels like the work you put in each month is only enough to keep you at where you are, because the powercreep got so out of hand that you need a new team every other update to stay competitive and actually get somewhere, and on top of that we need to fight harder each month for less trophies available.

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Why is this attack never dodged? It honestly feels like it’s a precise attack. Every time I encounter an indotaurus I always use indoraptor gen2 because I can use the cautious strike and kill it easily, but the cleansing rampage never gets dodged, even with other dinosaurs with dodging abilities, they never dodge it.

Kind of frustrating lol

Unlucky ,just see if dodge is active or not

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I want to tell a story I had in today’s tournament.

So I started with Skoonasaurus, and the opponent started with Andrewtops. We got our damage dealt and I knew I couldn’t survive Piercing Revenge, so I swapped to Indotaurus(I didn’t know I was faster), but turns out he tried to swap to Paratops.

Pesky Alert activated, dodged the damage. He went for GGH, I went for Intimidating Impact, took out Paratops. Next he sent out Ardontognathus, and went for Fierce strike, which I did too. I cloaked, and he went for DAF. I dodged both attacks, rended, and used cleansing Rampage. I then swapped to Paratops, and took out Ardontognathus.

Finally, it was Albertocevia. He went for Precise Revenge, and I went for TGCS. He took me out with IFR, and I brought out Testa. I attack with CDI, and he went for Precise Revenge. I then used Dig in, and he went for Distracting Revenge Blow. I then knew I couldn’t let Testa die to the Ferocious move, so then I made the big brain move of swapping to Indotaurus, let him waste it. I brought back in testa, which was faster, he knew it was over, and I took it out with CDI.


That’s what he deserves for starting with a revenge dino


That makes sense, I flew through one level , now yo-yoing up and down the one I am at present on. Guess I have to wait for the bigger boys to get promoted from mine and the smaller ones fr the one below. That’s providing the ones here don’t want to stay.

Coming back after a few days only to experience player toxicity in the arena

Found a dropper spamming emotes so I made the match last 15 minutes

I mean he only has his argen at 6 thats shameful even for a dropper does he even hav its hybrid??!??!!?

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