PvP is a Joke

I’m trying to get past 4750 trophies to get the 5000 Rodrigues DNA, but everytime I’m one battle away from doing that, I lose every time.

It’s like this game doesn’t want me to get to 4750 trophies, I just don’t understand.

The problem isn’t that they’re running different teams. It’s actually healthy for a game to have variety.
The problem here is that P2W is the only way to get the best creatures maxed up, causing the highest spenders to crush their opponents as if they were insects.
If the meta had 20+ viable creatures, all balanced, people having different teams would be perfectly ok.

I recently decided to waste a little time playing again, I have a fully boosted “previous meta” team and can field all lvl 30s if I want and I have fluctuated between 5800 and 5300. People assume droppers all the time when the truth is people are consistently being forced down by power creep, 1 of the main reasons I left the game because you either play 6 hours a day or you cant keep up. The game can be fun but its a drain on your life. If creatures stayed relevant you could choose to be casual without being left in the wake of every new dino.


Can someone legitimately explain to me why, since level 5 at only 500 trophies I’ve been going up against legendaries and uniques? I’ve only recently started playing this game, and my god is it a hard game to play. Mins you, I’m now a level 11, at 1500 trophies, with 4 only four legendaries unlocked. Almost every single battle since around 500 trophies, I’ve gone against Rexy, or Thorador, or Giganyx, and even Geminatitan. Before I even got my first epic, Gigantosaurs, unlocked, I’ve been going against legendaries. I’m continually punished for not wasting at least $25 on a single creature(Rexy) or even more for the uniques. And then, when I lose against a creature like Rexy, which is almost unbeatable at my level and even if I do kill it it takes at least 3 creature to do so, I lose 30+ trophies. But when I win against something like Thorador, I gain 24. I understand they want to incentivize players spending hundreds of dollars in this game, but just because I’m able to get by without doing so, because I’m not horrible at this game, doesn’t mean that I should be actively punished by terrible players who solely rely on Rexy for Thorador for all of their wins. There’s a massive difference between rewarding players for buying things in this game, compared to purposefully punishing players who don’t. Sure, people should be able to buy things like Rexy, or Thorador, but I should receive a massive trophy loss protection when I go against creatures that are unarguably out of my league at the time. So my question is just, why?

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Earlier today i lost a battle in nublar shores to a LEGENDARY. And that legendary dosent even have an exclusive component.

Why did ludia think it was ok to make a legendary that can compete with (and in some cases outshine) top teir dinos that isnt even exclusive.

It should be level based

Aka they should only put unique DNA in the premium pass.

The ptw players have enough of an advantage already. There shouldnt even be a premium pass of any kind.

I agree 100%. Left the game for awhile. Was over 4,000. Now I’m less than 2,000 and struggle to get above that long even with Rexy and other leveled up dinosaurs.

But let’s be honest. The developers give zero craps about the pvp balance as long as fools looking for some weird personal glory and satisfaction keep handing it over.

When my team of no more than 2000 is facing teamd of 4,000 and up, something is wrong.

They could fix these issues fairly quickly to create more balance. But the developers simply choose not to because by doing it this way it entices people to spend more to level up. It’s a free for all.

So anyone’s looking for hope, don’t. Stop spending money on the game pvp. They do not care. Period. And they have shown zero indication they do or ever will.

Especially when they introduce dinos like Rexy that level whole teams alone and have greatly upset the balance of the game.



First battle of the new season…this is why I hate this game.


I don’t mind this because it’s killing a Thor witch I see in almost every single aviary battle and they are always crazy levels and highly boosted


Giganyx + monolorhino completely destroyed my team. The worst is that giganyx did almost all the killing by itself.
I couldn’t even swap on it cuz it has rend resistance and it heals like crazy.
I never once saw the other creatures my opponent had. That’s how broken giganyx is.

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It looks like dracocerato is crying.

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Giganyx is basically rexy but with more health