PvP is amazing!

PvP on this game is so much fun! The amount of thought going into all the different characters abilities is quite impressive. Win or lose it’s always a good time :slight_smile:

@Orloch I appreciate your words of kindness :slight_smile:

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If you don’t mind me asking, what trophy count are you at? My current experience between 3500-4000 is quite miserable. I can easily handle the lvl 18 and 19 bots and win probably 80% of my bot matchups, but at that area there are so many trophy tankers and sandbaggers that I’m lucky if I win 1/4 matchups with a human opponent. The matches aren’t even close…they deploy the master tactic of tap the screen once or twice and half/all my team is dead.

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@Koyote My current trophy count is 4000+

Great update! The overall game feels improved for sure. Much appreciation to the devs for their hard work and dedication to creating an amazing game.

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Thanks, SilverMoon! I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the new update.

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Seems like the best way to fix PvP is just improving the bots AI so that they could post in the forums instead of just loiter around 4000 trophies battling humans.

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I lose so many times that I stopped playing. I figured I don’t know how to play the pvp well enough

The trick to PvP is recognizing the “I win” combos and developing counters to them. The PvP in this game is actually quite enjoyable between two equally equipped players usually consisting of move, countermove, with a lot of jockeying for position. You get good just by doing it and recognizing which characters do what.
Unfortunately, with the PvP events a lot of people have figured out it is extremely advantageous to artificially keep their trophy count low. Stat advantage trumps tactical advantage sadly. You probably aren’t bad, you are just facing opponents who are better geared than you.

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I’m guessing you are koyocire in game? I faced you a few times so far always been fun and I’m not a tanker :smile:

Na, I enjoy fighting you. We are about equal all things considered and going into a match with you I know I have a chance of winning. People like DragonThief are the big offenders. He has at least 3 lvl 20s and possibly more and is fully pumped out with gear yet he spent the first few weeks of this season in the low 3000s only to shoot up like a rocket as the season comes to a close. There are many others, but he seems like the most blatant example. There’s nothing I can do against him.

Oh yeah I hate when I face him!

Really fun, Team of lvl 8-10 killed my Team lvl 16-17, 6 in row none of win. Uninstall in progress