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PVP is completely broken


I can’t for the life of me understand why a game developer does not have a basic QA process. As someone who pays for VIP, the issues with PVP are a joke and I’m on the verge of quitting this game. I can’t count how many losses I’ve been having because when I do actually get a match, it times out. And for the few matches I have been able to play, I’m being matched with Dinos 3-4 levels higher than mine.

Most of these issues would have been been found with basic testing. I’ve tried to look past the annoying bugs that have never been fixed (I.e. alliance chat scroll issue with iPhone), but there is no way this new matchmaking and PVP system should have been rolled out before having been thoroughly tested.


Don’t think anyone would argue with you. PvP is a disaster, game crashes out all the time. Though I did get used to the darting, so that’s whatever.

Personally, I am not dropping the game, but have dropped VIP and will not sign up again until they fix everything they broke. May take a while unfortunately.

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I just starting thinking of quitting today as well. I lost 142 trophies in just 3 battles. Also, they were aiming to fix the broken matchups and now I’m going up against vastly superior teams even more than I used to. Now, I typically sit around 5000 trophies so I’m used to stiff competition but this is almost unplayable. Aaaaaannd don’t get me started on the Stat Boosts.

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Their QA probably reports to their marketing or sales department. :joy::joy::joy:

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The true power of the Sith has remained hidden until now



This is not a surprise. There have been some bugs that have survived from through 1.5 and 1.6 as well as new bugs introduced in each update so it is not surprising they would introduce further game breaking bugs in this update. They will still be there in 10 years time at this rate, if the game is playable at all by that time.

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Played 4 matches today. Lost two because my game timed out and after I got back in therr was no way to win (lost 90 trophies). Won two because the opponent timed out and got like 40 trophies on the two. So now I have to cunter RNG, lucky crits and time out error as well :neutral_face: nice job Ludia


Not just me then.


This. I could’ve written same.


I’ve lost 400 trophies since the update. I lose nearly 50 with each loss and get between 1 and 10 with each win. Great job Ludia. Why should we bother trying to improve our rosters or continue paying for VIP? This game is a disaster!


Have they talked about a update?


Complete mess… losing constantly 35-40 points against player with boosted dinos and lower trophy count…
Add the timeouts plague and you easily have what many consider the worst update ever… really disappointed.


I’ve successfully dropped out of the aviary without trying. Ludia wants to prevent players from intentionally dropping trophies by forcing them to drop trophies. Great idea. The game is so much more enjoyable.


I strangely comforted to hear it not just me. This is really exactly the same experience I am having.


I actually was able to get my 4 incubators last night, but I have also lost 200-300 trophies. I’ve always hovered around 5k, but lately can’t get above 4700.


Agreed here. Timeouts, and Tournament has to be forced closed even once you’ve got a match eventually.


They’ve updated trophy changes to be more fair, apparently, but we’re still waiting for them to fix the connection issues.


It is 100% cheaper to have us Quality Test the game for them. And it is 100% broken. The new creatures make battles unplayable for me. We’ll hopefully get a hotfix soon and then all pray for a real fix next week. This is not worth paying money for. Its a delicate balance for any game to maintain, but if you can’t keep it playable, why update the game at all?


the new rhino thing is slowing my game down :smiley: when it appears and does attack the game starts to go really slooow


Pvp has been broken for months and months, 1.7 was just the straw that broke everyones backs. :hugs:

I am strictly PvE and have been for awhile. My trophies have fallen from 5300 to whatever I am now, (like 4200 or something, havent been paying attention to it) due to not opening the arena tab for over 30 days. Lol doesnt bother me either. :wink: