PvP is GARBAGE - Don't Play this Trash

Only good thing about this trash PvP system is you eventually get loot (95% of the time it’s common junk, but still loot). Ofc, it’s not worth the time, effort, and frustration for such trash loot.

Yeah yeah, then don’t play PvP. Play other parts. Yet, PvP is part are all of daily quests reqs etc. So stuff it. Being forced to PvP where it’s mostly getting bullied by OP toons in comparison (my lvl 15s against lvl 18-20s), is why I am quitting this game.

Also, the so–called Events such as Test of Might (PvP ofc), is just a money grab. If I don’t lose to OP toons, I lose to game error restarts and timeout reconnects. Then they want me to spend 250 gems for more chances! Oh, and look, a splash screen advertising a gem sale! What a coincidence…

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