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PvP is horrible

I love the game overall. But, the PvP battles are quite ridiculous. So, you are automatically paired against an enemy that is close to your own strength, which is fine, makes sense. The problem I have is that it is ALL just luck. Since you are evenly matched, basically the winner is decided by who gets critical hits or misses while attacking. I estimate 10% is skill/tactics, and 90% just dumb luck as to who gets criticals or misses for attacks. Very annoying, I dont even want to play battles anymore, its pointless, you have almost no control whatsoever.


I know what you mean, I can’t find where to edit my pvp team either so my strongest lineout isn’t being used

It uses a random team


The fact that it uses a random team is ridiculous.
There are classes one prefers and levels up over others due to a variety of reasons.
We should be able to choose our lineup in pvp.


The random team-thing is a deal-breaker for me and also why I uninstalled. Maybe they’ll change this eventually when the game has more heroes.

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I agree the pvp aspect is beyond terrible. If my opponent’s team is exactly the same level as me, it’s a guaranteed loss for me because for some reason my opponent will always crit AT LEAST twice as often as me. I don’t even have a chance. How is that fun?

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I’d be glad if the bots were even to the team the AI chose for you, but this keeps happening, low tier lvl 11/12 team vs my 8/9 toons (best I got is 10), loosing me ~40 points


It always strikes me as strange when someone comes on and tells another person not to whine about a game mechanic in said game’s forum. Attacking the so-called whiner is like a gamer’s version of white knighting or being an apologist. Anyway…

I suspect the mechanic is meant to force people to level up all of their characters. In a typical game, that’s an acceptable strategy; however, in this game, I suspect it’s meant as another paywall.


I actually hated the random at first but now I think it’s helped make me interested in all my characters now.

And when I get decent gear for them now too, I actually care.

So I actually think it’s a good thing.


Whining is whining. I’m not "attacking"anyone, but there are literrally hundreds of thousands of games this days, so I see no point in whining about one small detail in a game that merely randomizes your chance to sin and tests your adaptability.
I understand “I’d like it different because…”, but not “I’m throwing a tantrum and quitting” because, newsflash, nobody cares.

I have yet to even see close matches at all past arena 1. Often I am paired up at least all the toons of the opponent a level or two above. Doesn’t matter about ra dom when you lose 4-5 in row before you win one. Just my .02.

My gut feeling is that skill and tactics have very little impact on the final outcome.

I only play them to fill up the slots on a daily basis. There is next to no incentive to try and climb the ladder.

Skill matters when playing other players but playing bots it doesn’t matter. I beat bots being 5 levels below them.

But nobody was whining.
No one acted childish.
One person said that it was a deal breaker for him and that’s why he uninstalled the game.
That is NOT whining. That was being level headed and explaining their reasoning.
Should they have kept a game they weren’t enjoying on their phone to appease you?
Show me who threw a tantrum?
I don’t understand why people can’t complain about aspects of a game they dislike. I don’t understand why you think a simple complaint constitutes whining.
I deal with children on a daily basis, I know whining and this isn’t it.


Hey all, everyone can express their complaints in a civilized way.
Let’s remember that and not make the thread personal.

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I think what bothers me about it is when I get paired up with my tank, melee, and two casters and the other side has a tank two healers and the wizard. Or they will have two tanks and two ranged dps against my ranged dps and one melee. I can’t heal but their tanks are slow to kill and I just get taken off for easy pickings


Resist -> can’t attack -> throw phone.


Eventually you overpower them:

Pvp is broken in the following ways:

  1. Random teams. Why? Couple that with
  2. Opponent selection. Computer opponents are always higher level and tuned for synergy. Why do I get paired against level 17 heroes when I’m level 11? That should never happen, especially against computer opponent.
  3. Trophy loss against higher opponents far exceeds trophy gain. Risk-reward is unbalanced.
  4. The last guy gets to attack for every opponent. Why? This makes some heroes completely unbeatable, especially the cleric with his regeneration and healing.

The overall game concept is okay, but pvp is awful and frustrating.


The final warrior getting to attack multiple times at the end of the fight is complete garbage. It has caused me to lose several battles where my team was clearly superior. No no no