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Pvp is RIGGED. We ALL see it

We all see the text on loading screens all the time. Pvp matchmaking is determined by blah blah blah… lies. What do we ACTUALLY observe when we play PVP.

The simple fact is after you win a few matches, your matched with an opponent with creatures leveled up so high its a lost cause to even try.

If the matchmaking system really worked as stated i should observe challenging fights each time. But NEVER against someone soo strong I dont stand a chance. And likewise, I should NOT be matched with anyone way to weak for me.

Fights should be challenging for both players. But never impossible for ether one. It should NOT also be possible, but VERY unlikely for ether one.

Thats literally how a reasonable prudent objective person would interpret what ludias matchmaking text says determines pvp matchmaking.

And I understand sometimes there may not be an opponent online near my lvl to compete with. Good thing you introduced AI for PVP.
When we can’t be matched with a human player around our level, we should be matched with an AI who is.

I have attached several screenshots of matches with the opponents dinos between 5 and 9 levels higher than my highest lvl dino. And I WILL continue to collect them, and post them.

Anyone sick of this despicable behavior and intended programing should speak up.

Ludia. . . THIS MUST STOP.

WE THE PLAYERS demand a fair PVP system where no one is matched to a hopeless fight. We want challenging, but fair and possible for both sides!

Screenshot_20210117-220944_JW Alive|243x500


uhhhh what…

I didn’t stutter. Clear and precise.

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Post some screenshots of what you faced when you actually won a match too please.

It’s not rigged, it’s just not very good.

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Thats a waste of time. When it’s a fair fight I win most of the time. And when I’ve lost because I was beat fair and square I dont complain. This is SPECIFIC. After a win streak I’m matche’d with players that have dinos too high for me to compete with. It shouldn’t happen. As stated by thier own matchmaking criteria.

yeah but making a post ranting about it isnt constructive imo

well, a tournament is a tournament. can’t constantly be matched with equal lv teams. at some point you’re gonna be matched with people too strong for you since they’re the ones holding that leaderboard position.

and arena is currently borked because of the top aren’s matching and no one wanting to deal with it. people drop and other stop playing altogether. Ludia’s perimeters are too wide for how many players are in a given power range, but they want “instant matches” so they forgo AI as long as possible.


Sigh… then where do you suggest I bring this issue up to the JWA community if not in the JWA forums… duh…

Changes start in the forums.

Making another “rigged” post is a waste of time.
It’s not rigged, you just face very different opponents. The definition of rigged is completely different, it’s just a “loose” algorithm.


I get that we can’t just keep going up in rankings. We have to lose sooner or later. But it should be because of skill, not against a hopeless opponent.

Its not rigged. Sure match making needs work but it isn’t rigged


When something keeps happening the exact same way over and over for a year or more, hahaha no. Its programmed this way. Wake up.

Then “tighten” it. Its not difficult. And it’s what should have already been done from the beginning.

Dude, people have been complaining about the same issue since the dawn of matchmaking.

Well, duh.

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can’t take the # 1 position without facing the player in #1. if a player with a much stronger team is holding the position you are after, it’s to be expected that you will face either them or someone close to their power range regardless if its a “fair” fight.

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Obviously… but I’m no where near the #1 position. Leaving an ocean of options for matchmaking. We should never be paird with a hopeless fight.

Yes, and game developers make changes when the players complain enough. Thanks.

Same thing goes to the lower level people facing against you

That’s not possible. There will always come a point when you face opponents you cannot beat in theory.

You must be new here.

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sure we all have frustrations about game but calling it rigged is a weak excuse